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Airline Miles…

by Nicole on April 28, 2009

I’ve lived in several cities over the last 15 years and recently was going through my various airline rewards accounts. I have accrued varying amounts of miles in several airlines that I will likely not fly again in the near future. I live near a smallish airport now and always fly JetBlue. I decided to check out my options as far as using the miles I have with other airlines, some of which don’t even fly in or out of my local airport.

One of the options is to enroll in where you can convert miles (and hotel rewards points, rental car rewards points, credit card rewards points, etc.) into their currency and redeem for merchandise and giftcards. It’s FREE to sign up with no membership fee and allows you to consolidate as many accounts as you want. I was surprised at what I had once they were all consolidated. You can also be compensated for doing Hotspex surveys via your account.

Shop with your points and miles at

In reviewing my Delta Skymiles, I noticed you can redeem miles for magazine subscriptions. I was able to get one of my guilty pleasures, Entertainment Weekly, by trading some of the miles I had on Delta. I never see Entertainment Weekly as one of the free subscriptions I post on here frequently and I don’t like to pay for magazines when there are so many available for FREE. I thought that using these miles that I was likely to never use (they were several years old already) was a good compromise.

Check out your airline rewards, rental car rewards, hotel rewards, and other reward programs to see what your balances are and what you can get with them!

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