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CVS Customer Service and another trip this week

by Nicole on April 4, 2009

Last weekend I went to CVS with my father to get the free Post TrailMix cereal (read post about this deal here). The cashier told me that she couldn’t use the $2.00 coupon on each one since the cereal was only $1.88 on sale and she couldn’t adjust the coupon. The limit for the deal was 6 and she said I could buy 6 but only use 5 coupons. I asked for the manager and the assistant manager came over. From the start she was rude and spoke to me as though I was not intelligent. I went back and forth with her a few times and did the deal as she wanted (6 boxes at $1.88 each, 5 coupons at $2 each, paid $1.28 OOP). I told her I would be calling Customer Service.

I called CVS Customer Service Monday morning and gave the scenario. The agent on the phone told me that the coupon should have been adjusted down and because cereal isn’t taxable in Florida, the items should have been completely free. I told her I wanted to make a complaint against a store and gave her the information. She told me I would hear from someone in 24-48 hours. On Tuesday morning the store manager called to apologize. He told me I was correct and was sorry that the assistant manager was rude to me. I thanked him and told him that she wasn’t just rude, she was WRONG! I asked what he was going to do about the money I was forced to pay and he told me to come by and he would make it right.

I went there today to see the manager. He was very nice and apologetic. He even sold me another box of the cereal for FREE and refunded my money.

I ended up making a few purchases there and wanted you all to know about them.

Stayfree Pads
On sale for $3.79
Used $2.00 off Stayfree product CVS CRT that printed when I scanned card
Paid 1.79
Got $2.00 in ECB’s
Item was FREE with $.21 overage after coupons and ECB’s

Natural Dentist Mouthwash
On sale for $6.99 – I bought 2 Earn 4 ECBs Limit 5
Used 2 $2/1 Printable HERE
Paid $9.98 OOP
Received $4 in ECB’s for each so $8 in ECB’s total
Did $10 Mail In Rebate wyb 2 HERE.
Items were FREE + $8.02 in overage after coupon, ECBs and Mail In Rebate!

Gold Emblem Mini Pretzels
On sale for $.79
Used $1.00 off 2 Gold Emblem Pretzels that printed when I scanned my card
Paid $.58 for 2 bags

Used $3 off when you spend $15
Used $4.99 and $2.00 in ECB’s from previous weeks

Paid $2.68 OOP and got back $10 in ECB’s and will get back $10 in rebates!

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1 ShannanJ April 4, 2009 at 3:52 pm

When you talk about “scanning your card”…what does that mean? I am new to all this, and haven’t braved the drugstore game yet. How does this work?

Shannan Johnson
jasonjohnson60446 at msn dot com

2 Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels April 4, 2009 at 4:02 pm

Hi Shannan: At CVS you need to get an ExtraCare card – they are FREE to get and make sure to register it online and link to your account. In each CVS there is a scanner (usually near the entrance/make-up) where you can scan your ExtraCare card to get CVS store coupons. You’ll also get coupons and ExtraCareBucks (ECB’s) on the bottom of each receipt. If you have other questions, let me know!

3 Anonymous April 4, 2009 at 7:21 pm

nicole: do you need/want all of things you get thru these deals? I love the idea of getting a deal but I hardly ever need any of these items.

4 Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels April 4, 2009 at 7:28 pm

I don’t make it a habit to buy things I don’t need or want and often give my purchases away if they were free and I don’t need or want them. I give lots of things to my parents and brother and co-workers and for free items, you can always donate to charity, like your local domestic violence shelter who is always in need of toiletries, kids items, etc. in some cases, like with the mouthwash today, I am making $8 on the deal!

5 Karen April 4, 2009 at 8:16 pm

I’m so glad you stuck to your guns and called and complained. Can you imagine how many other people this cashier gave WRONG information to. That’s is so cool that the manager took care of you like that. Now that is customer service!

6 Coupon Dad April 4, 2009 at 9:36 pm

I often wonder why the managers give people a hard time on using manufacturers coupons. It’s not like the store is out that money? I guess maybe they don’t understand that. Good for you for bringing it to their attention! Hopefully now other people won’t be given a hard time or you for that matter in the future.

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