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National Coupon Month: Top 5 Sneaky Tips Retailers Don’t Want You To Know About

by Nicole on September 12, 2009

September is National Coupon Month and in honor of this special month, Julia Gaynor, the Chief Savings Officer at brings you her Top 5 Sneaky Tricks Retailers Don’t Want You To Know About:

· 1. Ignore expiration dates – Retailers want you in the store to shop! Even if the date on your coupon has expired, always ask. Many retailers will honor savings deals post-expiration date.

· 2. Bulk buying deals – Many locations, especially grocery stores, will offer deals for buying in bulk (i.e. 10 for 10). Contrary to popular belief, retailers will often honor the sales price, even if you plan to buy fewer items than are listed in the original deal.

· 3. Stack coupons! You want to make sure that you have all the best coupons in your arsenal. Have a special place where you keep your coupons and stay updated on sales notices for all of your favorite retailers. It is in your best interest to print and click every coupon you find, even if you don’t need it right now. Stack up the coupons you’ve accumulated with store sales opportunities to really maximize savings. Coupon sites usually update their savings opportunities on a weekly basis, so make sure you’re keeping up with the latest and greatest offers. If you play your coupons right, you can not only get things for free, but you might even make a few extra bucks!

· 4. Bring retail competitor’s coupons with you when you shop. Many retailers will honor their rivals’ offers.

· 5. Shop with a mission! Retailers are strategic in the placement of products and deals throughout the store. Ever wonder why candy and gum are located in the checkout aisle? Walk out of the store with only what you intended to purchase.

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1 The Prudent Homemaker September 15, 2009 at 6:55 am

Another thing you can do is order more of something that is on sale. I like to go the first day of the sale when I do this so that I can pick up what I want on Friday (when the next delivery truck ususally comes).
For example, when peaches went on sale for .49 a pound, I ordered several boxes so that I could can peaches.

When canned tomatoes went on sale and I wanted a lot more than there was on the shelf, I ordered the cases I needed from the store manager, and got them for the sale price. He wasn't willing to give me a bulk discount, but he said if I bought them on sale I could get them for that price.

It's best to go early during a sale when you do this to ensure that you are going to have them delivered in time for the sale price to still be effective.

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