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Trade in Old Giftcards for Cash and/or Buy Giftcards at a Discount!

by Nicole on November 24, 2009

I wanted to introduce you to a site I found out about recently.  I personally think it is a great idea and I can think of several scenarios in which it could really help!

The site is called Plastic Jungle and it’s a place where you can sell and buy giftcards.  First of all, it’s completely FREE to sign up and you’re under no obligation.  You can either buy giftcards (at deep discounts) or sell the giftcards you have (for a fair price).

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards

If you want to buy giftcards, this is a good place to look.  They have giftcards at up to 40% off.  When I checked, you could buy a Michaels giftcard at 21% off or a Pier1 giftcard at 35% off.  How are they able to sell giftcards at a discount? They buy from other customers and are able to buy in bulk as well.  Please be advised that the discounts on the giftcards can vary so what you see one day may be different the next.  The great thing is they offer FREE shipping all the time on their giftcards – no special codes needed!

I personally have several giftcards just taking up real estate in my wallet.  They are for stores that I either don’t like or don’t have very close to me.  Plastic Jungle will buy these giftcards from me! They won’t buy them for face value but they do offer fair prices, up to 85% of the value of the giftcard with a minimum of $25.  You can choose to sell the giftcards in exchange for Amazon e-certificates or even donate them to a charity.  When you enter the store name and how much is on your card, they give you an “offer”.  They offer you more if you accept Amazon money over cash. This could be a great way to consolidate your giftcards into Amazon money to use for the holidays!

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