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by Nicole on April 23, 2010 is a great site for moms (and dads!) to go to find similarly situated folks to form babysitting co-ops and playdates with! This site is such a fabulous idea and I am happy to introduce you all to it! The best part is that it is FREE to register so you can check it out to see if it’s for you.

There are separate sections for finding playdates and finding co-ops.  I think many moms are in a babysitting co-op without even really knowing that’s what it’s called! Babysitting co-ops are where you get a group of parents with children together who then for a schedule and some rules and take turns taking care for each other’s children.  This eliminates having to pay for a babysitter but makes it so you will be watching other people’s children in exchange for the care of your children.  I know many parents prefer having other parents watch their children than the teenager on the street.

HiveMom’s is also having a contest for its blogger members.  The contest runs through May 9, 2010 and the prize is $250 for writing a story called “The Best Story that Compels Readers to Find Out More About”  Since it sounds like personal experiences would make the most sense for that story, better sign up today to start taking advantage of the great services the site has to offer.

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