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Surveys – Top 10 FAQ’s

by Nicole on August 25, 2010

Lots of the reader questions I get via email have to do with surveys and so I decided to put together a post highlighting some of these FAQ’s!

Question #1: Do you have to pay to sign up for surveys?

Answer: No, NEVER. Do not pay to sign up with a company, they should be paying you!

Question #2: Do I have to give out my Social Security Number when I sign up for surveys?

Answer: No, you do not.  I’ve never had a survey company ask since it would be tough to come close to the $600 threshhold the IRS places on companies to report income.

Question #3: I’ve never done a survey before.  What kinds of questions do they ask?

Answer: They usually start out with demographic information and then move on to ask you about the survey topic which is often times a new product.  They will ask you questions about packaging, price, flavors, etc.  and sometimes even ask you to try it at home!

Question #4: How do survey companies pay you?

Answer: It depends on the company.  Some pay by check, others by PayPal and others via giftcard or merchandise.  Check the terms of the companies you are with as some may require you to request a payment while others send payment automatically.

Question #5: Do I have to claim the money I make doing surveys on my taxes?

Answer: I am not a tax expert so you’ll need to consult one to answer this question. Generally, ANY money you earn, regardless of the source is taxable, no matter how much money it is.

Question #6: How do I find out which survey companies are legit?

Answer: All of the ones I blog about on Nicole’s Nickels are legit.  They are companies I work with and have been paid by without incident.

Question #7: Why do I disqualify from surveys so often?

Answer: The survey might be looking for a certain demographic that you don’t fit.  It happens to me all the time.  Don’t take it personally, just move on.

Question #8: How much money can I expect to make from doing surveys?

Answer: It depends on how much time you put in.  In the beginning I was putting significant time in and earning between $50 and $100 per month.  If you do 1 survey worth $2 a day that is $60 per month which isn’t bad!

Question #9: How do you know which surveys are worthwhile to take?

Answer: That comes with experience.  You’ll get to know which companies seem to like and need your demographic.  Also, I look at the time estimate in the survey invite – a $1 survey that says will take 50 minutes probably isn’t worth my time.

Question #10: What do you think are 3 necessary traits for a good survey taker?

Answer: Honesty, dedication and quick thinking!

Check out my posts on surveys for more information!

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