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BidCactus – Penny Auctions

by Nicole on September 29, 2010

I heard about this site BidCactus and was a little reluctant to give it a try.  I received 20 bids in my account to try the site out and was so happy with how it worked out I wanted to share it! BidCactus is a penny auction site where you can bid on a variety of items.

It’s FREE to register and then you’ll have to buy a bidpack.  I was given 20 bids and stayed with those.  I quickly figured out the site and was fascinated! You use your bids to increase the bid on the auction by 1 penny.  There are 10 auctions going at the same time and you can easily see when each ends.  I bid on a $50 Best Buy Giftcard.  I clicked for more info and found that shipping was $4.99 and I’d have to pay that plus the ending price of the auction if I won.  I ended up winning it for $.52 – yes, you read that right 52 cents!

I elected to pay through PayPal (so easy!) and paid $5.51 out of pocket.  You’d need to add this to whatever you spent on the bids as well so if I had paid for the bids I would have spent $20.51 for a $50 giftcard which is an awesome deal!

Now the downside is that the site is a little of a gamble and I know it’s not for everyone.  I mean, I could have spent the 20 bids and not won anything.  I think it’s important to have set in your mind how much you are willing to spend for each giftcard.  You can also see past auctions and what things went for.  It’s important to keep it all in perspective!

If you’d like to check out BidCactus, please fill out the short form below so I can let them know! By completing the form you are not signing up for BidCactus or committing to buying anything on the site – it’s just for me to be able to let them know which Nicole’s Nickels readers are interested!

I was given 20 bids to try the site out but my opinions are my own!

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