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Coupon Organization, Version 2.0

by Nicole on September 22, 2010

I first posted about coupon organization in April of 2009 and boy has my system changed since then!

I used to clip every coupon and put them in protective sleeves in a large binder (see picture below)

I was pretty good with the clipping and then fell behind.  The inserts piled up and the task was way too daunting.  I used a small fraction of the coupons I as clipping and I began to feel as though it wasn’t a good use of my time.

I switched back to the method I had used prior.  I bought a large file box and some manilla file folders.  Each week I write the date and the name of the insert on the tag of the file folder and file them in date order in the file box.  I have to rely more on match-ups from bloggers and less on how much I know about the coupons I have since I can’t see them as well as I did before.  But this has been ok and I appreciate saving the time not clipping.  Now I just clip the ones I use as I need them!

What coupon organization method do you use?

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1 Ida September 22, 2010 at 9:13 am

I am in the process of going from the binder (which I hated and also thought was waisting my time) to my own crazy method. I use two accordion style envelopes with coupons that I feel I will use, and those I carry around everywhere with me. Then I have the large plastic zipper pouches that go in binders, in there I have been putting the weeks coupon that I rough cut and paperclip alike coupons and then I paperclip them in a bundle of a category. (ex. 4 lysol coupons pc together, 4 wisk coupons pc together and then I paperclip them all together in the same category.) I also write out the coupons with the expiration dates,and the weeks date, I put that in the envelope facing out so I can just read what is in there (I was printing the lists off line but I found the $$ where off and 1/2 I had already pulled to use.
When I shop I use list and paperclip my coupons to the list.
Any suggestions, I would appreciate.

2 Corrie @ "Cents"able Momma September 22, 2010 at 9:49 am

I use the insert method too. I just don’t have the time (or patience) to clip every coupon! It does add a little time to my shopping trip to get the coupons I need, but it saves a lot more on Sundays :-).

3 Marcia September 22, 2010 at 10:39 pm

I have 10 envelopes and have designated them by categories: breakfast items, laundry, drugs, dry goods for cooking, wet goods for cooking, beverages, house cleaning, bakery, frozen foods, and dairy. I keep them in a small file. I put the date I last looked at them on the envelope front.
In addition, because many coupons now have expiration dates that come up quickly, I pull the coupons for the current and next month, affix a post-it with the month date, and clip them together.

This way I can make up a shopping list from the current coupons, and then look for coupons in the categories I intend to buy anyway.

I also make up my shopping list by store geography – since I usually shop at my local Publix and know where everything is, I’ll bunch all dairy goods together in one corner of the sheet, produce in another, frozen food in another, etc. etc.

4 Anne Bender September 23, 2010 at 12:27 pm

When I find a coupon I know I will use it goes directly into my little plastic portable coupon envelope. All others were going into two different binders (one for food, one for non-food). Of course, I had everything organized and up-to-date, then didn’t do a lot of shopping, stopped clipping, filing, etc. Now I have a stack of coupons, many of which are expired, and little desire to care. lol I do still clip them and look for good deals, but am seriously trying to find a method that will work for me.

5 Dana September 23, 2010 at 10:15 pm

I will buy 6 newspapers(sometimes more or less) and pull all the inserts out. Then I take all 6 RedPlum (for example)sort them all out so I have all pages of the inserts together like a book so if I need to clip a coupon I will have all 6 together to cut. Then I file my “little book” of RedPlum in a manilla folder with a tab that says “date” RedPlum, in hanging folders in a plastic crate that I picked up at Walmart for $3. I keep all my coupons that way. I will cut out coupons that I ABSOLUTELY know I’m am going to use that week. Otherwise I rely on web blogs and websites to pull coupons and clip them out. I then keep little envelopes labeled with particular stores I frequent (Publix, Walmart, CVS, ect…) so when I’m ready to go shopping I will have my coupons already separated. I also have a manilla folder that I place all my printed coupons in. I used to clip everything and place in the binder too, in fact, mine looks a lot like Nicole’s does in the picture! LOL

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