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Get Back Money, Time, and Peace of Mind this Holiday

by Nicole on November 10, 2010

I was excited to be invited to attend a webinar last week called “Get Back Money, Time, and Peace of Mind this Holiday”.  Sponsored by AOL and Bank of America, it was the chance to hear some important players talk about finances this holiday season.  I enjoyed hearing their awesome tips, especially the ones about traveling and how to make a stressful holiday season easier for you!

I want to share with you 10 tips shared by Regina Lewis, AOL Consumer Adviser, Jason Cochran, WalletPop personal finance editor, and Beverly Ladley, US Card/Unsecured Borrowing and Small Business Products Executive, Bank of America:

1. Prepay baggage costs online – it’s often cheaper and it definitely less hassle.
2. No more backtracking – use Mapquest to plan complete routes.
3. Reward yourself and earn cash back while spending – Use credit cards with cash back rewards (like Bank of America) only if you can pay off the whole balance each month
4. Road trip rules – get a pass to go through tolls and plan stops carefully.  Remember to pack food and drinks.
5. When gifting, go green – Reuse paper products for wrapping gifts
6. Cover yourself – Get protection on your credit card to protect you when shopping online (like Bank of America’s product)
7. “Check in” before you check out – Use Foursquare or Facebook to communicate – you may save money by sharing with a friend.
8. Walk off your pie – Exercise! Make it a family tradition to walk after eating.
9. Holiday kid swap – Get time and give time by arranging for a holiday kid swap
10. Save a trip – Use online banking (like Bank of America’s) to save a trip to the bank, earning you more time with your family.

I was given a free lunch while attending the webinar but was under no obligation to post at all.  I posted because I thought the information was good and relevant.

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