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Grateful Giveaways Round 2 Winners

by Nicole on December 8, 2010

It’s time to pick some winners for the Grateful Giveaways Round 2 event! I have sent emails to the following winners who have 48 hours from when I sent the email (so until 10 pm EST on Thursday, December 9, 2010 ) to respond with the required information. If they don’t, I’ll pick new winners.

The winner of the ConAgra Giveaway is Mir (mirje_s@)

The winner of the Snapfish Giveaway is Lindsay (lefrank@)

The winner of the Logitech Giveaway is HiLesha (HilLesha@)

The winner of the Pressman Games Giveaway is Denise B (capthowdy777@)

The winner of the Aetrex Giveaways is Amy (woodcox5@)

The winner of the Sockgrams Giveaway is James L. (LYNAM666@)

The winner of the Snoopy Giveaway is Megan (meganbomba14@)

The winner of the Dancing Deer Baking Co. Giveaway is Vanessa (vmvazquez83@)

The winner of the Eversave Giveaway is Alicia (alicia.beck@)

The winners of the Otterbox Giveaway are Paulette M. (jpsmmaynes@) and Amber E. (imaladybug2@)

The winner of the Elizabeth Arden Fragrances Giveaway is Dana (dkbeck75@)

The winner of the Visa Rightcliq Giveaway is Julieh (honeypie411@)

The winner of the Bissell Giveaway is Ashley (subola@)

The winners of the TimeMine Giveaway are Shelley L (mommanurseshark@), Phyl (pgreg50@), Ann J. (shawnj05@), Jen V. (jenvisser@), and Trung N. (trungchem2002@)

The winner of the RCA Small Wonder Camcorder Giveaway is Kathy D. (kathydetweiler@)

The winner of the Wii Games by THQ Giveaway is Hollie A. (hollieamos@)

The winner of the M&M by Monet Jewelry Giveaway is Erin E. (sewmuchstuff@)

The winner of the Mango Passport Language Giveaway is Brooke (thedeegan4@)

Congrats to all the winners! Make sure to check your spam folder if you’re listed above! I’m sorry to say there is no announcement of another round but we are planning to collaborate on additional events for the future!

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1 Hollie A December 8, 2010 at 10:23 am

I still can’t believe I actually won. And what perfect timing since my mother-in-law is giving us a Wii for Christmas! Thank you!!!

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