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$10 for a $20 Target or Amazon Rebat from Offermatic

by Nicole on March 4, 2011

This is such a great deal and awesome product that I couldn’t wait to tell you all about.  Offermatic is a cool service that gives you offers based on your purchasing habits.  Plus when you sign up (for FREE!) now you’ll get your choice of 50% off a $20 rebate to Target or Amazon!

Offermatic - Automatic Savings

Offermatic is a very secure online system (it uses the same security back end system as your banks and which captures your credit/debit card info to use to provide you with special discount offers based on where you shop! No sifting through offers that don’t help you – every single one of Offermatic’s offers is geared towards you based on your retail history.

Here’s some more info about Offermatic:

Offermatic is a new site that helps you save money through automatic rebates, exclusive discounts and reward points. Deals are customized to your spending preferences, and deals through Offermatic can be “stacked” with coupons, cash back and all the other ways you currently save when you shop!

1. Create your free Offermatic account and register your credit or debit card. It’s 100% secure and anonymous. Offermatic uses bank-level security (the same back-end as and several large banks) to access your card transaction history. Your account is anonymous. Offermatic doesn’t ask for any personal information, such as your name, address or card number.

2. Receive money-saving offers and get automatic rebates. Offermatic emails you when it has an offer on products and services that match your preferences. For instance, if you spend money at the movies regularly, you might receive a 50% discount offer on movie tickets. If you’ve recently shopped at IKEA, you might see an offer for $10 off your next purchase at the retailer. Activate the offer, and you’ll automatically get the rebate on your card when you shop.

3. Earn Offermatic points to save even more. Just for joining Offermatic, you’ll earn reward points. Use your points to get access to even better discounts and rebates. You’ll earn points every time you use your card for any purchase, for adding more cards to your account, for writing merchant reviews and for inviting your friends to join Offermatic.

And this is a great deal for Nicole’s Nickels readers who sign up for Offermatic.  You’ll get your choice of rebates (either to Target or Amazon) at a discount of 50% off – the next time you shop at either store you’ll get $10 off when you spend $20!   This is a great deal you’ll want to take advantage of today!

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