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Future Friendly Tide Review

by Nicole on June 7, 2011

Name of Product: Future Friendly Tide

Where can the product be purchased: at retailers nationwide

Description of Product:Future Friendly is a program that helps consumers save energy, conserve water and reduce waste. It uses science, innovation and unique partnerships to achieve measurable results such as making it easier for consumers to find, select and use everyday products that will help reduce their use of natural resources. By taking small steps together with our consumers, we believe we can create big benefits for the planet and ultimately improve lives every day, now and for generations to come. We strive to reduce waste, water, energy, and CO2 through systemic conservation efforts when creating all of our products. We apply smart eco-design through innovative construction process improvements. We reuse otherwise discarded materials, giving new life to what was once waste where feasible. Our sustainable manufacturing practices have accomplished four significant ecological benefits so far. Since 2002, P&G operations have reduced, per unit of production, water consumption by 52 percent, energy usage by 48 percent, CO2 emissions by 52 percent and waste disposal by 53 percent.”

Review of Product: I received the new future friendly Tide.  You regular readers of Nicole’s Nickels know that Tide is a brand I am very loyal to.  I just don’t use other laundry detergent! I’m a Tide girl through and through.  I was thrilled to see P&G making Tide more future friendly by reducing the the packaging by 24% but keeping the amount of detergent the same! I am all for being greener especially in ways that are easy.  Buying the same amount of product in a reduced amount of packaging is a no-brainer!

I received a sample of this product from P&G to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

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