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BlogHer and the American Express Prepaid Card

by Nicole on August 3, 2011

This week I’ll be at the BlogHer conference in San Diego, California.  I’m excited because BlogHer is super fun and also because I have never been to San Diego.

I’m a well-seasoned traveler so traveling doesn’t make me nervous but I think one can never be too prepared and I am always worried about losing something important while I am away.  I was happy to learn about the American Express Prepaid Card and how secure it is.  It’s easy to use one of these while traveling without taking your normal credit card(s) with you.

I recently  found a charge on my regular American Express bill I didn’t authorize and had to go through the hassle of canceling the card (no big deal) and then changing the card number I have associated with a number of auto-debits for my bills (that part was a pain).  With the prepaid card, you only put a set amount of money on the card and then use it as you would a regular credit card.  It’s that easy and that much more secure!

I requested a card online and received notification soon after that it had shipped.  There was NO FEE associated with me requesting the card.  Once I received it I called to activate it and then added money to the card.  You can add money from a bank account, with a Money Pak or from an American Express card.  You can also load the card by phone and keep reloading it as often as you want.  There are no fees associated with this card except there is a charge for more than 1 ATM use per month.

I used the card already even though I’m not traveling! I wanted to get a black cardigan to wear since it gets chilly at night and used it at the mall just like it was my regular American Express card.  Super easy! I also love that you get fraud protection and can dispute charges with the prepaid card – it’s all the great American Express customer service without all the commitment!

This American Express prepaid card would be really great for a teenager who you are trying to teach about fiscal responsibility.  Hey maybe some of our government should be reading this too? Lol.  I’m just teasing! Maybe.  In any event, teenagers all want credit cards and here is a way to set a low limit by only adding that much to the card and seeing how it goes.  I’ll be using my American Express prepaid card throughout the BlogHer conference and I’ll let you know what I think!

I received monetary compensation from American Express in the form of an American Express prepaid card to use before and during the BlogHer conference and then blog about my experiences.  This compensation has not influenced my views and my opinions are 100% my own.

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