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Gillette Sensor-Compatible Blades as low as $1 per Pack!

by Nicole on August 3, 2011


If you don’t have the time to follow the drugstore sales for good deals on razor blades, then the Dollar Shave Club has a great deal for you! There are no coupons to clip, and their “Ninja Blade” cartridges are shipped right to your door at a great, low price!

The Dollar Shave Club is committed to delivering a premium shave product. Their first club blade, the “Ninja Blade Twin”, has two stainless steel blades, an aloe vera lubricating strip for extra comfort, and a pivot head for extra closeness. This blade is manufactured by a well-known shaving company to fit all Gillette Sensor razors. They guarantee you’ll find that it’s equal in performance, closeness, and comfort to anything you can get from the big name brands.

Join the Dollar Shave Club and save almost $200 on annual shaving costs! For as low as $1 a month, they ship 5 of their Gillette Sensor-compatible “Ninja Blade” cartridges right to your door. Joining is easy and they are currently waiving their $9.99 membership fee! Plans come in 2-Year ($24), 1-Year ($18), 6-Month ($10.74), and there is even a Pay-As-You-Go Plan ($1.99) for the commitment-phobic shaver. Shipping is an additional $2 per month. They also offer a bulk-ship option: instead of monthly shipments, you can opt to have all the cartridges (e.g. 12 cassettes of 5 cartridges for the 1-year plan) shipped at once, with a single $6 shipping charge!

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