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Fooz Kids Review & Giveaway

by Nicole on September 16, 2011

Name of Product: Fooz Kids

Price of Product: $11.99 normally, FREE right here!

Where can the product be purchased: online from Fooz Kids (or click here to get it FREE!)

Description of Product: “Fuhu, Inc. is pleased to introduce the world’s first parent-controlled, kid-approved application, Fooz Kids. Available in 36 different languages in 56 countries, Fooz Kids is an interactive tool for children that introduces them to technology, and allows them to create, connect, discover and learn in an environment that is safe and age-appropriate.

Versatile in its offerings and functions, Fooz Kids basic features includes games, web browsing, videos, crafts, parent-approved e-mails to friends or family, the ability to create an avatar and customize a virtual bedroom, and more. Coming in a number of forms, the application’s content incorporates familiar, child-loved characters in a welcoming environment that makes kids feel comfortable every step of the way. In addition to the many features that come with the application, there are also add-ons that parents can subscribe to, to further stimulate and engage their child. One such add-on is the Fooz Kids University feature, which introduces mathematical exercises aligned with school curriculum from Pre-K to 5th Grade. This feature is a great supplement to classroom learning and provides parents with an in-depth report on their child’s progress. Another add-on feature is the Fooz Kids Flix, which allows parents to download both full length movies and shorter films that are perfect for a car ride. All aspects of Fooz Kids are controlled by way of the Parental Dashboard – a password-protected area that enables parents to select age and gender-appropriate content for their children, monitor their academic activities, take a peek at their creations, access e-mails and approve friends.”

Review of Product: Fooz Kids is a super easy to use download that makes browsing online safe for your kids! There are so many dangers online and it’s our job to protect our kids from the dangers on the Internet, Fooz Kids helps do just that! The download only took a few minutes and it’s easy to set up profiles for each user.  You as the parent have a dashboard for monitoring purposes and can set the levels of use for your child.  If you can’t be around every second your child is online then a program like Fooz Kids is perfect for you!

Giveaway: The folks at Fooz Kids have decided to host an awesome giveaway here on Nicole’s Nickels – every reader who wants to try Fooz Kids get a FREE download of it here – no strings attached!

I received the item I reviewed in this post to write this review at no charge. My opinions remain my own.

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