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Quest for Zhu Party!

by Nicole on September 20, 2011

I don’t often share too many private details on my blog but many of you know that I do not have children of my own.  That being said, in the past year I have become a lucky girl and now have a 6 year old boy in my life who I think will be a permanent fixture!  He is a total blast and I enjoy seeing the world through his eyes.  He loves to watch movies and loves Zhu Zhu pets even more.  That’s why I jumped at the chance to host a Quest for Zhu party!

Mom Select sent me the Quest for Zhu video prior to its premiere on September 27 and we LOVED it! We decided to host a very low-key premiere party with a few neighborhood kids.  I took a few pictures but unfortunately the camera broke and I’m unable to upload them! Rest assured the footage showed them loving the movie and having a blast playing the suggested games.

The highlight of the party was the movie, according to me.  According to the boys it may have been the snacks.  Boys will be boys! I know they loved it because the movie poster now hangs in several neighborhood bedrooms! We made some popcorn and the Mom Select crew was nice enough to include some delicious cherry licorice in the box of goodies.  A few of the adults stayed to watch as well.

The boys opinions ranged from a few “awesomes” to one very thoughtful “that Mezhula is meaner than my sister”.  It’s hard with boys!

Video information:  “The heartwarming tale of four lively young teens (who just happen to be hamsters) on a quest to find the Palace of Zhu, where they believe all their dreams will come true.  Join the feisty and lovable Pipsqueak as she gets swept away to the other side of the Zhuniverse.  On her adventure, she befriends Chuck, Num Nums and Mr. Squiggles, and when they arrive at the Palace of Zhu, they realize it is just the beginning of their remarkable journey.  A mean and controlling reptilian creature, Mezhula, tries to stand in the way of making all of their dreams come true but by working together, our true Zhu heroes save the day! Pipsqueak realizes she already had everything she ever dreamed of and all she really wants is to find a way back home.”

I liked the video because it had an actual story and lesson to be learned.  Afterward we talked about the lesson and how the grass isn’t always greener.  One of the boys said it’s like how you don’t know how mean your second grade teacher will be so don’t wish first grade to be over too soon.  I was in hysterics during most of the party. All the boys said their favorite character was Num Nums because of his “cool name” and they advise they will highly recommend the movie to their friends.

The awesome folks at Mom Select and Zhu Zhu also sent us 5 cool activity books that fold out into movie posters.  The boys had a blast filling out the mazes and word finds.  I liked the educational component of the activity books.  All in all the boys had a good time and Noah has asked to watch the video several more times.  I’m happy to report it’s now in regular rotation at our house.

I hosted a Quest for Zhu party and got the complimentary video, some snacks and other games in order to throw my party.  All opinions are my own. 

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