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American Express Prepaid Card Staycation

by Nicole on October 25, 2011

I am so happy to be partnering with American Express to let you know about their fabulous new prepaid card in conjunction with a staycation I am planning.

The American Express Prepaid card is something I feel so confident recommending to my readers for so many reasons:

1.  It’s from American Express, a trusted name in finance and in my life especially.  I have been an American Express cardholder for over 10 years and love the flexibility my Amex card gives me and the superb customer service I have always received from Amex.

2.  It helps you manage your money.  Because you can only spend what is on the card, it is a great budgeting tool.  For example you could use the card for just your grocery purchases for the month and put only what you want to spend on the card.

3.  It gives you peace of mind.  I hate carrying cash because it’s so easy to lose or have stolen.  With the American Express Prepaid Card you get the same awesome protection as an American Express cardholders do – which means quick card replacement and you not being responsible for anything fraudulently charged on your card.

4.  No fees.  There are no fees involved with the card.  It’s completely FREE to order one and you can use it as much or as little as you want.  No overdraft fees since you can only spend what is actually on your card.

5. It’s easy to use.  Just order a card online and it will come in a few days.  You can load money from your bank account or with cash by purchasing a MoneyPak and adding the funds that way.  I have tried it both ways and they are both super easy.  I know some people don’t like giving their bank account information and so the MoneyPak may be the better choice for them.

I’m going to be using a card for a Staycation I am doing in the beginning of November.  Jamie and I will be spending the weekend at the Boca Resort in Boca Raton.  I scored us an awesome room with a special package that gives us free parking, a waived resort fee, free breakfast and 25% off the spa while we’re there.

I reserved my room online using my American Express Prepaid and it wasn’t any different from using a regular American Express.  I’ve carefully budgeted what I want to spend while we’re there and that’s all I put on the card.  I’ll only use that card for the weekend and that way I can ensure I don’t overspend.  That means I don’t need to bring a lot of cash or other credit cards with me.  It’s a much safer way to travel and I know I have the great service and protections of American Express behind me – that makes for a very relaxing Staycation which I will definitely keep you posted about!

American Express gave me money to put on the card so I could blog about my experience on my staycation. My opinions remain my own.

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