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American Express Prepaid Card Staycation Recap

by Nicole on November 22, 2011

For the past month or two I have been telling you about the American Express Prepaid card and how handy and useful I think it is.  I was given the opportunity to do an awesome Staycation courtesy of American Express and use the Prepaid card throughout.

I will definitely continue to use the card because it’s so simple and I don’t have to carry cash but still get the same budgeting tool cash gives me.  The American Express Prepaid card is:

  • FREE to get
  • Easy to Load (MoneyPak or directly from bank account
  • A GREAT budgeting tool – you can only spend the money you put on the card
  • Secure – provides American Express fraud and theft protection
  • Safe – I’d much prefer to carry a card I can easily cancel than a wad of cash

My Staycation was beyond amazing – I got engaged! It is a Staycation I will always remember – for that and for how I was able to use the American Express Prepaid card to keep myself on a budget!

I would highly recommend the American Express Prepaid card to Nicole’s Nickels readers.  Because you can only spend what you put on the card it would be an easy way to set an overall budget or even a budget for a certain something, say eating out or grocery shopping and then only using the card for that purpose in a month.  It is a fabulous budgeting tool and it’s much safer to carry a card you can easily cancel than a wad of cash.

I have loaded my prepaid card several ways – I have had money direct debited from my account, bought a MoneyPak, and also charged my American Express card for the money to put on the prepaid card.  You can only use the charge option if you already have an American Express credit card that you link to the prepaid card.  All 3 ways are super simple and make this prepaid card extremely versatile.

American Express gave me money to put on the card so I could blog about my experience on my staycation. My opinions remain my own.

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