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GeoMag Kids Review

by Nicole on November 2, 2011

Name of Product: GeoMag 110 piece and 114 piece sets

Price of Product: $49.95 for the 110 piece set and $44.95 for the 114 piece set

Where can the product be purchased: online at and other retailers and websites nationwide

Description of Product:The 114 piece set includes magnetic rods, steel spheres, triangular and square panels in multiple colors. The 110 piece set includes steel spheres and a variety of colored magnetic rods. Ages 3 and up. Geomag Kids, known for its Swiss-made quality and safety, is an inventive system of simple construction that stimulates creativity. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. A fun and imaginative activity for the whole family. Includes 60 red, orange and yellow magnetic bars and 50 chromed steel spheres. All components manufactured to stringent European and American safety standards.”

Review of Product: I received both the 110 piece and 114 sets of GeoMags to try out.  Noah thought they were “super cool” and I loved how he was using his hands to create something tangible rather than playing on the Wii or watching TV! The GeoMags concept is not a complex one but these sets are really fun for kids and I can understand why.  It’s fun to be able to create things with your own hands and using the colorful bars and spheres makes it even more fun.  Noah was able to see how when one piece of  a structure isn’t right or secure the whole structure can fail which led us to some discussion about architecture and how buildings are designed.  I love thought-provoking toys like this!

I received a sample of these products to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

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