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Moolala: 50% of Kroger Gift Card & 6 Months of Meal Planning!

by Nicole on December 27, 2011


Get organized and healthy in the New Year! With the help of Relish the online meal planning service and Kroger.  With Relish’s easy-to-use online interface and handy tools (including a free iPhone app which allows you to view and customize your shopping lists), you can exchange prep time for time with your kids!

Homemade meals save money and encourage healthy habits. Every week, Relish provides a list of 15 different recipes, plus a dessert. Categories include Brunch & Lunch, Kid-Friendly, Crockpot, Vegetarian, and more. Select as many meals as you want: writing hands will be relieved at the sight of Relish’s automatically-populating grocery list. Every recipe on the site has been kitchen-tested, and will take a half-hour or less to prepare. And while the prospect of planning a dinner party can send even the staunchest of chefs running to the phone, Relish defuses busy-bombs with a variety of choice recipes for gatherings, potlucks, special desserts, and more..


You are limited to 1 for yourself but unlimited additional deals as gifts.  Stores include Kroger, Owen’s, City Market and Ralphs.  Vouchers are valid until February 27, 2012. 

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