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Guest Post: Frugal Tips To Start The New Year

by Nicole on January 18, 2012

The following is a guest post by the folks at

If you are like so many other people, you made a few New Years resolutions to start the year off on the right foot. Most people will include a resolution about their finances in their list of goals for the year. Some of the most common resolutions is to save more money, spend less money, or pay off credit card debt. You can actually get a head start on these goals by putting to use a few price comparison sites like,,, and others.

What These Sites Do
Each of these sites as well as others like and work to offer you a fast and easy way to “shop around” and get the best price on products and services. Some sites, like, work to provide you with a fast and easy way to compare prices on a range of products from name brand retailers as well as lesser known retailers alike. Other sites like work to provide you with a comparison on some of your biggest budget items like your home utilities, your home insurance, and your car insurance.

Make Them a Habit
You should of course start the New Year off by visiting a site like right away to check on areas of your budget that you could save money on. Many people find that by switching utility companies, phone companies, or insurance companies, they can save hundreds of dollars off their budget each month. You will want to check back with this site periodically, as many of these service providers do change their rates regularly. However, you also will want to regularly consult with other price comparison sites like and before making any buying decisions.

Clipping Coupons
There are some sites that offer savings in other ways as well. For instance, and offer great deals on products and services that you may need or that can simply add some fun to your life in a more frugal way. These are great sites to use in comparison with price comparison sites as they can help you to save money.

Using these price comparison sites does involve a bit of forethought on your part. When you get in the habit of using these sites, you will find that you think through your purchase and the tendency to buy on impulse is reduced. You will start making smarter purchases that revolve around need, and you can be a smarter shopper saving money on the purchases you do make.

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