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by Nicole on January 17, 2012

Name of Product:

Price of Product: Use code launch10 to get a 10 point bonus when you register and purchase your first gift card

Where can the product be purchased: online at

Description of Product:“ is a site that auctions off gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Apple and Wal-Mart at serious discounts – like 90% off retail. The clear benefit of in contrast to other auction sites (like penny auctions and others) is that instead of buying bids, you buy “lower-level” gift cards (we call them Reward Cards) to retailers like Gap, Staples, Payless and more, and for each Reward Card you buy, you get free points to play in the auctions for the “Dream Cards” to Amazon, Wal-Mart and more. The real value of the site is in playing the auctions basically for free, and with a very winnable chance of scoring hot gift cards at big discounts. It offers frugal shoppers a way to score groceries, gas, diapers and more at serious discounts.”

Review of Product: is an interesting concept and it took me a few times on the site before I really understood what it was all about.  It’s similar to a penny auction site but instead of buying bids you buy lower level giftcards to your favorite retailers and each giftcard purchase gets you points with which you can bid on other giftcards.  You pay $5 shipping when you win an auction (shipping is FREE when you buy a giftcard) which isn’t bad and many of the past auctions (like the one shown here) prove that you can get giftcards at a HUGE discount by using this site.  I like that you are guaranteed to leave with the giftcards you originally purchased and the bonus points are just gravy to me.  I haven’t had much time to try to use my 25 points yet but I am looking forward to it.  Because the site is new, the auctions tend to be in the evenings and there aren’t a ton each day – I need to sit down and win me a giftcard! It’s definitely doable as I can see from the past auction results, I’m excited to start really playing!

I received 25 points to try out the site as well as a giftcard but my opinions remain my own.

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