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Smash Your Food: Award-Winning Nutrition App Now On iPad!

by Nicole on April 6, 2012

Smash Your Food, winner in First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Apps for Healthy Kids’ Competition, is a fun and exciting mobile game that. encourages families to smash real foods—burgers, cola, French Fries and entire meals and to learn about nutrition, inspiring healthier food choices while providing parents with personalized emails filled with nutrition advice. It’s now available on the iPad for $2.99 in the Apple App Store!

Smash Your Food is a great way for kids to learn about what they’re putting into their bodies. When they smash common foods, they see and hear for themselves about the startling amounts of sugar, salt and oil in those foods. Kids say things like, ‘Whoa, I had no idea that there are 25 cubes of sugar in a medium milkshake!’ and ‘Eeeeew! Look at all that oil, I’m not eating that again!’ Best yet, ‘I’ll have fruit instead of fries with my sandwich.’ It’s that exciting moment of positive education that encourages kids to change their eating behavior on their own.

With inventive graphics and a unique real-life “smashing” process, Smash Your Food helps children make smart choices by:

  • inviting kids to guess the amount of sugar, salt and oil in some of their favorite foods, and then “smash” them into a mushy pile to learn the actual totals;
  • watching HD video – Yes, we did do this to real food!
  •  featuring 40 foods on 5 levels – burgers, doughnuts, milkshakes and entire meals –that kids can smash into smithereens;
  • revealing eye-popping, educational facts, such as there are 25 cubes of sugar in a medium-size milkshake and 16 teaspoons of oil in a serving of chili cheese fries;
  • providing parents with personalized emails delivering nutrition-rich information instructing them on how to integrate healthy habits into their family’s lifestyle.

This sounds like a fun app, not just for the kids, but for the whole family. I’m sure I’d be surprised by some of the educational facts too! Try it out today and get your family on the road to healthier eating!


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