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ZombieBurbz Avenue Review

by Nicole on May 10, 2012

Name of Product: ZombieBurbz by AppGear

Price of Product: $9.99

Where can the product be purchased: online at AppGear

Description of Product:With a dead-end job that left him mindlessly shuffling between the office and home, it took Ed a few days to realize he was no longer among the living. Now that he’s joined the ranks of the reanimated, his suburban dream of keeping up with the Joneses has turned into a suburban nightmare of fighting off the zombie-hating Joneses.

Zombies are tired of being misunderstood by their neighbors. They’re just your average, slowly decomposing suburbanites who want to keep up with the Joneses, not eat them.Help these undead trash-munchers achieve the suburban dream, fight off angry mobs of the living and feed their craving for gaaaaarbage.

Experience unlife as a zombie without the pesky smell. Each deluxe zombie figure* unlocks its own unique storyline and missions. *1 deluxe zombie figure per pack

Find and use traps and weapons to fight human hordes who want you and your family out of town. Fend off attackers with screams, burps, snotballs and other wretched weapons. Trick enemies with stash-o’-cash, zombie-in-a-box, piñata and other treacherous traps.

Move the deluxe zombie figures across the screen to control the in-game zombie action.”

Review of Product: Noah has been playing with this app and the figures for hours now – and I am all for anything that keeps him quiet sometimes! He says he likes it because it’s fun to play and easy to learn about.  He loves how the figure actually is used on the iPad itself which makes it more interactive than your normal app.  The deluxe figure is the one you use on the actual device and the other figures are just figures to play with which he has been doing as well.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

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