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Keep Your Breath Fresh With the Dentyne Split2Fit Pack

by Nicole on June 25, 2012

We’ve all experienced bad breath, but with summer upon us and love in the air it’s time to be on the safe side!  Dentyne has just released their Safe Breath Survey (commissioned by Wakefield Research) that takes a look at some of the best and worst “breath offenders” so you’re prepared for every intimate moment.  And with Dentyne’s new Split2Fit pack, designed to fit almost anywhere, practicing safe breath while in those precarious situations will be easier than ever!

I went on  a first date, back in my single girl days, and the guy ordered caesar salad and a garlic crusted steak at dinner. When we went to a movie afterward, all I could smell was garlic!  I even offered him a piece of gum, which he declined – needless to say I never saw him again!

My story fits right in with the Safe Breath Survey findings: 86% of people polled could not disregard bad breath on a first date! They also found that 58% have lost interest in someone they were attracted to due to bad breath and that 48% of women 18 to 34 would end a relationship with someone who had consistently bad breath!

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