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Yes, Nicole’s Nickels has an employee named Pennie!

by Pennie on September 26, 2012

It seems like the job was meant for me, but it was pure coincidence!

I am a southerner, born and bred. Then I moved to and lived in New England for most of my adult life, but now have returned to the land of sweet tea and hush puppies.  I am the mother of one daughter and grandmother of one grandson and we all (along with my son-in-law)  live together in North Carolina with my 2 sweet dogs and my daughter’s 2 sort-of sweet cats.

By trade, I am a techie, by spirit I am a DIYer.  Thanks to channels like HGTV, I cannot look at a scrap of anything without seeing it transition into something new and wonderful.  I have built things as mundane as bookcases and as serious as a handicap ramp. I have installed flooring, and tiles and even built walls.  I will paint anything.  While I am willing to admit that some wallpaper is attractive, I cannot look at it without assessing how much work it is to remove!

I sew – still waiting for a granddaughter so I can make some of those cute little pillowcase dresses!  I’ve crocheted my whole life, from shawls to Christmas ornaments.  And I knit, but I’m a beginner…for about 10 years now.  In all this time I’ve never made anything that isn’t flat.  Well, there is this one hat:

Which looks round but is really flat, just a rectangle that is crocheted together at the ends and gathered together at the top.  But it’s a step in the right direction.

So those are the basics about me.  You will continue to see posts by me on a regular basis.  I hope you enjoy the new direction the site is going and I hope you will give us feedback on our posts and what you like or would like to see on the site.


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1 Rebecca Peters August 11, 2013 at 4:45 am

Wow! I wish I could do a million tasks, I have a lot of stuff that I have pinned, projects waiting to be done, I see things in junk too , just never have the time or money to do it! Im from the south too! Georgia gal here, but now living in California!

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