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2 Hypoallergenic Dogs with Allergies!

by Pennie on October 11, 2012

I have 2 dogs, Sophie and Rosie.  Sophie is an 8 year-old Bichon Frise whom I lovingly refer to as the pretty pink princess.  She constantly wants to be in my lap with my hand scratching her head or her belly.  If my hand is not so engaged, Sophie lifts one paw and scrapes at my hand until I start scratching her.  Even though I have distinctly told her many, many times “You can get in my lap but I’m not going to sit here and scratch you!”.  Somehow she always gets my hand to cooperate without my brain controlling it.  If I manage to control my hand and not scratch her, she starts to whine.  You can tell this is going to start by the swelling and contracting of her belly, which is accomplished by the huffing and puffing of her breathing.  Then she starts at a soft whine and escalates until my hand  succumbs to her bidding.  Hence “the princess”, pink-because that’s the color of her belly under her white fur, and pretty, just because she is.

Rosie is a 7 year-old Lhasa Apso.  She is my constant companion but not a lap dog.  She is very big for her breed – she weighs more than the combined weights of her parents.  Rosie’s also taller and longer than normal for her breed.   She’s just a big girl.  She’s my rosebud, because she is so sweet and tender.  Rosie wants everyone in the house to be accounted for.  She doesn’t like it when people go away for any amount of time; she likes to be at my grandson’s bedroom door when he gets up in the morning and sometimes I think she doesn’t like it when we are spread around the house.  She would prefer to be able to keep an eye on her charges all in one place.

I keep them both in puppy cuts (short hair) even though they don’t shed.  Both of my girls are supposedly hypoallergenic (although no dogs really are) but the thing about hypoallergenic dogs is that they tend to have allergies.  Sophie has had them basically her whole life, so she is constantly licking or chewing on bits of herself.  But Rosie developed them since we moved from New England to NC.  Lately with the wet weather we have been having, they both seem to be particularly bothered.  I am surrounded by a cacophony of  licking and chewing.  They go to the vet regularly and get shots or pills, special shampoos and lotions.  I’ve changed their diets and cleaned up their environment as best I can for dogs.  All these things have helped but none have really been the “silver bullet”.  My last resort might be to have a skin test for them but that just seems too over the top.

What do you think?  Anyone have any tips for me?

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1 Shar October 11, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Sorry, I don’t have any tips either but I read your post hoping that you had some great tip to share – lol. Your right about the “cacophony of licking and chewing”….well said! It drives me nuts. I want to try changing our dog’s diet and see if that might help. I don’t think it will help though.

2 Sue Hull October 11, 2012 at 11:00 pm

My daughter has the same problem with one of her dogs and the vet said it’s what dog food they were feeding her. I’m guessing was the cheap stuff. Now my daughter is feeding her Purina Dog Chow. I still think she just has dry skin but I’m not a vet. No kid is going to listen to her mom especially when she’s 27 yr old. Lol!
Good luck with your dogs! They need to have body lotion for dogs. :)

3 Karen Medlin October 14, 2012 at 8:47 pm

same problems here, our lab is constantly licking his paws, we learned from the vet it is a sign of allergies.. she suggest we switch his food and try to limit the treats.. I did notice we elimated and wheat left overs and it has improved a bit.. guess anything made with flour, Hubby is always giving him leftovers and I had to put a stop to it, to see if it worked.. it does seem it improved… I guess it would be like a gluten free diet. Still need to find the right brand of food that would be good for the allergies.

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