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“Fall Clean” your Relationships with Simple Actions

by Pennie on October 15, 2012

Shea Vaughn, national lifestyle expert and renowned author, has sent along some tips on how to “Fall Clean” your relationships with simple actions.  In addition to being mom to funny man and actor Vince Vaughn, Shea has spent her life helping people to develop well-rounded relationships through easy-to-execute tasks.

Below is a sampling of Shea’s simple tips to create a stronger relationship with yourself and as a result, with others:

Get offline and grab a pen! The power of the written note is amazing and impactful to our relationships with others. Writing on someone’s “Wall” or sending an LOL text simply doesn’t have the same impact a handwritten note saying I’m thinking of you or Happy Birthday does.  Staying connected with family and friends this way really helps me live a more balanced and stress-free life.  Make sue to check out the fabulous selection at to keep your communications classy!

Compliment a Stranger: I believe we are all here to receive and deliver positive messages. These messages are meant to guide us on our life journey.  The more open we are, the sooner we can begin conquering the challenges that get in our way, and the sooner we can move onto a more fulfilling and loving life.

Ask a Teen for Advice, Get Bieber-Fever Even: Thinking young keeps you fresh, modern and happy. No need to buy the magazines or concert tickets, but keeping a well-rounded knowledge of what’s current connects you to your own sense of youth. I have met people who at thirty-five seem older and others at sixty who seem younger. After all it’s only a number!!!

Have Lunch Alone Once a Month…Yes, In Public: We are constantly ahead of ourselves, never fully engaged, and getting in our own way. By taking the time to get in tune with our thoughts, wants, and desires, we are able to set goals and create the lives we’ve always wanted. So enjoy a lunch alone or shut off ALL technology for one hour every day and be completely alone with your thoughts.

Host a Solo Dance Party! When all of your efforts are focused on the care of others, it is easy to lose sight of how important it is to care for yourself. If you physically feel good, it will translate to other areas in your life. So when you’re alone for a few minutes, dance to your favorite song, take a long walk through a neighborhood you think is beautiful, etc.

I’ve been thinking about and talking about relationships quite a bit lately. Maybe fall makes us more reflective about our lives.  If your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself aren’t healthy, then generally your life isn’t happy.  So here are a few of tips from me to make them better:

Try to live your life happily, right now. If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.  ~Author Unknown

Treat your family as nicely as you would a stranger.  We expect our families and close friends to be there for us, to fill in, to pick up the pieces, to listen to us vent, to understand, to accept us in all of our good and bad times.  But sometimes that means we are taking them a little bit for granted.  So try to be polite and thoughtful and just nice to them when you can.

Before you speak, think!

  • T – is it True?
  • H – is it Helpful?
  • I   – is it Inspiring?
  • N – is it Necessary?
  • K – is it Kind?

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