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Warner Brothers Blu-Ray release of Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp

by Pennie on October 2, 2012

I meant to see this movie when it was in the theaters. I really like Johnny Depp, he takes camp to a whole new level. And he’s always great in Tim Burton movies.  I have to admit I watched Dark Shadows, back in the day. There was nothing like it on TV.

So I’m pretty excited that I didn’t miss my chance to see the movie; it is coming out on Blu-Ray, today, October 2nd!  To introduce the event, Warner Brothers has created a great video/app that allows you to see clips, answer trivia questions, learn memes from the movie and get your horror scope. Take a look:

It was lots of fun and it turns out I am creepy enough to hang with the Collins family!  And in case you were curious here is my horror scope:

Abodeous Aquarius:  You tend to surround yourself in total isolation. Your spookiness creates havoc in your universe and it is why you have the tendency to detach yourself from close ones. Try to overcome this by sticking to being friendly to everyone you meet. Beware the Leo!

Have fun with the app and the movie!

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