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Bluebird: A Checking and Debit Alternative

by Nicole on November 24, 2012

I am excited to introduce you to Bluebird by American Express.  I had noticed the Bluebird kiosk at my Walmart but had no idea what it was all about until recently! I will be working with American Express to share my experiences using Bluebird with you over the next few weeks.  It’ a great checking and debit alternative that they estimate tens of millions of Americans will benefit from.

So far I signed up on for a card.  Sign-up was easy, FREE and took just a few minutes.  Now I am waiting to receive the card in the mail so I can start!

Some key features of Bluebird:

  • checking and debit alternative with lower fees than traditional bank accounts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Purchase Protection
  • easy loading of funds -online through a bank account such as a savings or checking account, debit cards, direct deposit, remote check capture via the mobile app and cash loading at Walmart registers.
  • make purchases wherever American Express is accepted
  • pay bills, online or via the app
  • create subaccounts
  • get cash access at ATMs

I love the Bluebird tagline – Loaded with Features.  Not Fees.  Bank account fees are increasing all the time and many banks now charge per transaction! With Bluebird you’ll have an alternative and much lower fees and in many cases no fee! Here is the fee schedule:

As you can see Bluebird provides a great value! You can sign up for a FREE card (doesn’t impact your credit) online at Bluebird or you can purchase a kit for $5 at the Bluebird kiosk inside your local Walmart!

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign.  My opinions are my own.

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1 ddmand December 7, 2012 at 7:38 pm

Hi, I found the box for Bluebird at the checkout counter at Walmart’s, reviewed and purchased 1 and made a $1.00 deposit on the card. I thought this a fine idea for the millions of low, low income people and families who can not afford a checking account, nor, for other personal reasons, can not have a bank account in their names, due to outstanding bills, being on social services, fear of overspending and paying back overdraft charges, etc. I picked it up for 2 family members, 1 at first, but then first reviewed the rules online. I will not be giving this card to anyone, as the rules are too strict in some cases where I live: For 1 particular family member, the card does not accept Social Security for direct deposits. It also stated that it can take up to 1 or 2 pay periods for your first direct deposits to be credited to your account. Poor people do not have the time available, living paycheck to paycheck, or week by week. The nearest Walmart is 15 miles away, so it is not easy to deposit money there, and there nearest ATM that accepts deposits is 50 miles away. The other person working does not have an employer who direct deposits.Both have smart phones, so can take pictures of their checks, only, the funds take 5+ days to reach the card. Not good.And there is a $500 max deposit, so the monthly social security check would be too much by a few dollars. However, they can buy the reload packs, pay the fees, and have the money deposited instantly in their account. If they can cash them first, and not having a checking account for either makes that almost impossible. For now I will say that this is not the card for them, especially as Walmart is too far, and actually, not all ATMs nor stores accept American Express. Right now I am looking into other cards, such as Netspend and others. I hope this helps other people with similar personal problems, but maybe in larger cities, wait! Are there Walmart stores in larger cities, like NYC and such?

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