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Disaster Preparedness with Zippo and Giveaway

by Nicole on November 14, 2012

With what seems like so many more storms and tornadoes hitting the US recently, it’s so important to be prepared.  I have a fireproof safe with things I need and can grab that and bring it with me easily.  I have a stocked pantry with many items that can be eaten if there is no power.  I hadn’t ever thought of the need to be able to start a fire but can definitely see where that would be needed!

Whether it’s an earthquake, mud slide, hurricane or power outage from a severe thunderstorm, disasters can happen at any time and every family should be prepared.

Products to pack in an emergency bag and have at the ready can run the gamut, including:

· Water (one gallon per person per day)

· Food (ready to eat or requiring minimal water)

· First aid kit and any special needs items for children, seniors or people with disabilities

· Several reliable sources of fire

· Go-bags should even be made for pets with any basic supplies they may need.

In many cases, the ability to start a fire could be the difference between life and death. Zippo has Emergency Fire Starter Kits (a very cool gadget for getting a fire going without matches or a lighter) as well as other products such as a Cedar Fire Starter and a Hand Warmer too.

The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit starts a fire with a flint wheel and waterproof sticks in a waterproof container – so easy to do! This kind of thing is so easy to keep on hand and you never know, it could save your life!

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I received the same prize as the winner.  All opinions remain my own.

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