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Nicole’s Nickels Greatest Holiday Gifts of 2012: Gifts for Younger Children

by Nicole on November 28, 2012

Today is the third day of six days of awesome gifts and giveaways for Nicole’s Nickels Greatest Holiday Gifts of 2012!

Today’s post is all about gifts for younger children! It’s so great to watch kids open holiday presents up – they get so excited! Here is a cool assortment of items for the younger kids on your list.

One (1) lucky winner will win all of the items featured in this post!

Product Name: Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique
Purchase Information: Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique is now available in the App Store for download on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad at:
Product Price: Free with in-app purchases

The new mobile app Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique brings the popular fashion collections from Disney’s Pixie Hollow virtual world, along with hundreds of new Fairy designs, into a gaming experience for fashion enthusiasts and Disney Fairies fans alike. Available as a free download with in-app purchases, the game gives players of all ages the opportunity to run their own trendy boutique, design hundreds of Fairy outfits and accessories and interact with famous Fairies like Tinker Bell and her friends.

Product Name: Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure
Purchase Information: Major retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, etc.
Product Price: $39.99 for Wii and 3DS and $29.99 for PC/Mac

“Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure” is the latest Disney Interactive product in the incredibly successful Disney Princess franchise and lets gamers explore the enchanted worlds of their favorite Disney Princesses including Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Tiana.  Assuming the role of Fairy Godmother’s apprentice, young players can also customize their avatar and personalize their quarters in the Castle with items from the Wishing Well store.

Product Name: SQUIGGLE Spin and Seek
Purchase Information: AmazonCreative Kidstuff, Specialty Toy Stores, Art Stores, Gift Shops, Book Stores
Product Price: $6.99

A fabulous, low-tech time! This Squiggle Spin and Seek Activity Pad is a fun twist on Squiggle doodles. Spin the dial to see what object you need to find in on a 3.25 x 4 inch page, filled to the brim with Squiggles and doodles. Includes a highlighter to mark found objects.

Product Name: Sandzini Trex
Purchase Information: Michael stores in December
Product Price: $23.49

Create your own customized dinosaur adventure with the T-Rex set! Young boys can now have hours of imaginative and creative fun sculpting brown, yellow and yellow Sandzini around the skeleton before they roar play around the house with it. Sculpting tool and instructions included. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Product Name: Cupcake Race from Endless Games
Purchase Information:, Toy R Us and
Product Price: $19.99

There is a party tonight and you and your opponents have been asked to bring cupcakes. Get your kids and their friends together to play Cupcake Race from Endless Games. Be the first player to mix, bake, frost and top your cupcake by visiting all four corners and collect sprinkles along the way. The first player to reach the party with a completed cupcake and a sprinkle of each color wins the cherry to put on top! Recommended for ages 4+ .

Product Name: Wikki Stix
Purchase Information: Or use this link to find retailers in a specific state
Product Price: $3.50-$29.95

Flexible Wikki Stix are made of non-toxic wax and yarn and can be bent into any shape you want. There is no glue, no paint and no mess. Just press them onto any surface and create. Wikki Stix offers craft kits, educational kits and seasonal kits. Mom’s love them because there is no messy clean up, and kids love them because they can create anything and easily correct any mistake. And when play time is done, simply pull Wikki Stix off the surface, put away and use again and again.

Product Name: Little Passports USA Edition Subscription
Purchase Information:
Product Price: Starts at $10.95/month

With your USA Edition subscription, Sam and Sofia travel to and experience the wonders of all 50 states. Kick-off your USA adventure with the first month’s Discovery Kit which includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA scratch book, a map, and a camera. Sam and Sofia then travel to two new states every month and send an activity-packed travel journal with stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to online activities.

Product Name: Personalized Growth Chart Decals
Purchase Information: Shutterfly
Product Price: 14×42 – $29.99                       37×51 – $59.99

Track your child’s growth with personalized growth chart wall decals. Our peel-and-stick photo decals make the perfect growth charts.

Product Name: Stephen Joseph Gifts-Little Charmer
Purchase Information: or enter zip code here to find a store that carries SJG locally.
Product Price: $16.99

Consider a Little Charmer for your little charmer. These too-cute plush animals in themes like Butterfly, Ladybug, Owl and Monkey are so soft and come with a matching necklace to combine fun and fashion!

Product Name: Goliath Games-Sonny the Seal
Purchase Information:, Target, Walmart,
Product Price: $29.95

If you want to make a splash, Sonny the Seal is the game!  The goal of this game is simple, toss the ring around Sonny’s neck.  Every time you do, he will clap his flippers and bark his excitement!!  Kids of all ages won’t be able to get enough of this fun family game.

  Product Name: Goliath Games-Toss the Pig
Purchase Information:, Target, Walmart,
Product Price: $14.99

It’s time to throw around America’s favorite pig! Squeeze his belly and the music begins. Toss him to your friends but make sure you aren’t the one holding him when the music ends!

Purchase Information: Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
Product Price: $7.99

Each of the ten pets in the LITTLEST PET SHOP TRICKS AND TALENTS PETS assortment shows off a unique talent and proves that these pets are anything but ordinary! Girls will delight in each pet’s trick, whether it’s pushing the poodle’s head to make her ears wiggle and mouth open to ‘fetch’ her toy, or petting the sugar glider’s head to make his eyes blink and his wings extend as he prepares to pretend to ‘fly’ through a ‘ring of fire!’ Each pet also includes one special feature such as plush ears, a glitter cape, a ballerina skirt, and more. Each sold separately.

Product Name: Tranquil Turtle
Purchase Information:
Product Price:$48.95

Tranquil Turtle is the first Cloud b product that combines both sight and sound features in one soft, soothing character.  The innovative Turtle transforms any room into a peaceful seaside oasis! Glowing in a relaxing aquamarine or ocean blue color, the shell projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays the soothing sounds of ocean waves and undersea melodies.  The total effect provides for a calm and relaxing environment, giving children a peaceful night’s sleep.

Purchase Information: Available at Toys“R”Us and other select toy retailers nationwide.
Product Price: $12.99

Start your engines with the Micro Chargers™ Launcher Pack! Charging in under eight seconds for more than 30 seconds of race time, these super speedy miniature racers make for the ultimate race against friends. Complete with one quick charge micro car, handheld charger and trading card, the Launcher Pack makes it easy for kids to jumpstart their Micro Chargers collections. With nine cars to collect, each pack includes one Race Car (blue) or Stunt Car (red). Launcher requires two AAA batteries (not included).

  Product Name: Wearables by Kid Constructions
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $25-$29

Wearables™ by Kid Constructions™ is the unique collection of creative constructible toys that puts a new twist on a classic play pattern. Featuring multiple die-cut corrugated pieces, Wearables offer construction play that transforms into role-play as children create, construct and wear their creations. All the elements combine for creative, crafting, imaginative, and active play that encourages fun, quality family time.  Each Wearables kit comes complete with die-cut corrugated pieces that kids and grownups construct together to create a wearable-sized airplane, bulldozer or Princess Carriage.

Purchase Information:
Product Price: $5.99

Disgustingly bright new orange trash cans help kids discover the new Trash Pack Collection. The Five Pack Collection makes it easy for kids to grow their revolting gang of Trashies™. Containing five small bins, five Trashies, and a collector’s guide for easy reference of all Trashies (including the new characters!), this putrid pack will surely engross kids’ imaginations. Including a selection of Trashies, kids may even be lucky enough to find a Special Edition furry friend such as Junk Jumper or Sore Berry lurking inside this Trash Pack collection.

Product Name: FARMVILLE ANIMAL Games
Purchase Information: Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
Product Price: $9.99

Fans of the popular ZYNGA FARMVILLE online game can now share their favorite animals with friends of all ages! Kids can choose from three different animals, each containing a different classic card game inside: play Disco Sheep’s Memory card game, Rockstar Cow’s ‘Old Maid’ card game, or Groovy Chicken’s ‘Go Fish’ game. Each fun FARMVILLE animal friend acts as a convenient cuddle so kids can take their favorite games on the go! Includes a unique code for parents to redeem 20 FARM CASH of in-game currency for use in ZYNGA’s FARMVILLE online game.

Purchase Information:
Product Price: $9.99

Playtime becomes ADVENTURE TIME™ with the ADVENTURE TIME Fan Favorite 7-Inch Plush Assortment. The assortment of mini-plush figures includes hysterically popular characters from the hit series, including Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, Fionna and Cake. Each plush sold separately.

Product Name: Dub Garage Beat Makerz
Purchase Information: Toys R Us
Product Price: $13.99

Fun ride, fun tunes! Create your own beats with the freewheeling DUB Beat Makerz.  Mix it up with realistic sound effects using a custom ‘sound board’, and check out the lights and fun vocal phrases. Assortment includes: DUB Edition DI331 (Muscle Car) and DUB Edition  DL4 (Luxury Car). Requires three “AA” batteries included.

Product Name: Road Rippers Hatchback
Purchase Information: toys r us, walmart, target, kmart
Product Price: $9.99

Playtime becomes ADVENTURE TIME™ with the ADVENTURE TIME Fan Favorite 7-Inch Plush Assortment. The assortment of mini-plush figures includes hysterically popular characters from the hit series, including Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, Fionna and Cake. Each plush sold separately.

  Product Name: GUNDimals™
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $10.00 – $24.00

GUNDimals™ are realistic-looking plush dogs, cats, farm animals and wildlife. From Dalmatians to orangutans, designers use meticulous manufacturing techniques such as airbrushing and ironing to make these cuddly collectibles look as real as possible. Available in three sizes—beanbag, small and medium.

  Product Name: Peek A Boo Bear
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $40.00

Little ones will giggle with delight as they play peek-a-boo with this adorable bear. Holding a cream-colored blanket, this beige soft plush bear will raise and lower his blanket to play a game of peek-a-boo when his foot is pressed. The bear’s mouth moves as he says “Peek-a-boo, I see you,” and other phrases to the child.

  Product Name: The Chalk Shop
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $6.00 – $10.00

The Chalk Shop features homemade chalk that comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Each piece of chalk is made with care and attention to detail. Great care is taken so there is never any rough edges. Perfect for party favors, birthday gifts or just because.

  Product Name: Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe
Purchase Information: iTunes
Product Price: $6.99

Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and other favorite characters from Wreck-It Ralph star in this exciting Storybook Deluxe app. Wreck-It Ralph longs to be as beloved as his game’s perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix, Jr. But soon, Ralph wrecks everything and accidentally unleashes a swarm of deadly cy-bugs that threaten to overwhelm every game in the arcade. Ralph’s only hope? Vanellope von Schweetz, a young troublemaking “glitch” from a candy-coated, kart-racing game called Sugar Rush. But will he realize he is good enough to become a true hero before it’s “Game Over” for the entire arcade?

And here is the part you have been waiting for!

One (1) lucky Nicole’s Nickels reader will win all of the items featured in this post!

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