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12/25 Pinterest Pin of the Week: The Little Black Dress

by Pennie on December 25, 2012

This week’s pin is not from someone specific but is about a very timely topic.  As Christmas day wraps up, I can’t help looking forward to the New Year and of course, some New Year’s Eve parties!  And I wish, just once, that I was doing something that would require me to dress as stunningly as Rosemary Clooney does for her solo nightclub act in White Christmas.  She is so gorgeous in that black gown.

I’ve never had what you would call a “Little Black Dress”.  Which is not to say that I haven’t had black dresses, just not an LBD.  I’ve never really had the figure for one, nor the place to wear one.  But they have been around my entire life and I’ve always been drawn to them.  Here is a classic of Audrey Hepburn in Coco Chanel:

Here’s Marilyn Monroe in one:

Even Barbie has at least one!

The dresses above are all beautiful, but not really my style.  If I were a lot younger, a lot thinner and a lot less well endowed this is the sort of thing I would go for (from Ouma Clothing).

It has a fitted bodice and a flouncy, lightweight skirt.  The perfect party dress, in my mind.  Add a pair of raspberry red heels, some beautiful shiny earrings and a sequined clutch and you are all set for an evening of fun ringing in the New Year!

But even if this isn’t your style of LBD, look to Pinterest for inspiration as there are TONS of dresses to see and dream about.

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