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Bluebird for the Holidays!

by Nicole on December 9, 2012

For the past two weeks I’ve been telling you that I would be working with Bluebird and American Express to document my experiences using the card over the next month or so. I told you how simple it was to sign up for the card. Well I received it in the mail and activated it online within minutes. I was then given my options as far as loading money onto the card. I added my checking account info to the account, waited for them to make two small deposits into that account which I confirmed via my Bluebird account and then I transferred money from my checking account to my Bluebird card and was ready to go!

Bluebird is accepted wherever American Express is accepted.  I almost exclusively use my American Express so I know that most places accept American Express which is great.  I love the account security that comes with American Express, their customer service is phenomenal! I was in New York recently for a wedding and when I landed had an email from American Express saying that someone had tried to use my card with the incorrect CID number and to call them as soon as possible.  I called them and they told me that over 50 charges had been attempted from the night before online and all were declined.  They cancelled my card and overnighted a new card to me at my hotel in New York – excellent service!

Using Bluebird this holiday season is the perfect way to stick to a budget.  Because you can only charge up to the amount in your Bluebird account you can keep your spending in line and tracked very easily.  Just deposit the amount you want to spend and take only Bluebird with you when you shop! You’re guaranteed to stick to your budget this way! It’s safer than shopping with cash which when lost doesn’t get replaced.  With Bluebird you have the security that comes with American Express and the ease of having a card instead of cash – it’s a win-win!

Some key features of Bluebird:

  • checking and debit alternative with lower fees than traditional bank accounts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Purchase Protection
  • easy loading of funds -online through a bank account such as a savings or checking account, debit cards, direct deposit, remote check capture via the mobile app and cash loading at Walmart registers.
  • make purchases wherever American Express is accepted
  • pay bills, online or via the app
  • create subaccounts
  • get cash access at ATMs

I love the Bluebird tagline – Loaded with Features. Not Fees. Bank account fees are increasing all the time and many banks now charge per transaction! With Bluebird you’ll have an alternative and much lower fees and in many cases no fee! Here is the fee schedule:

As you can see Bluebird provides a great value! You can sign up for a FREE card (doesn’t impact your credit) online at Bluebird or you can purchase a kit for $5 at the Bluebird kiosk inside your local Walmart!

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign. My opinions are my own.

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1 Karen Glatt December 9, 2012 at 11:17 am

I saw this Bluebird display at the end of the aisle at Walmart. This card probably has some advantages, but it is not for me. Thanks for explaining what this card is about!

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