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Holidays Made Easy With Dramamine and Giveaway

by Nicole on December 29, 2012

I am a much better driver than passenger and find it hard to sit in the back seat for long trips.  That being said, I’ve never actually thrown up from motion sickness but I am going to try the Dramamine Less Drowsy formula on the next long trip I take! I did take Dramamine on our honeymoon cruise when the seas got rough and had no problems at all!

Dramamine®, the leading brand of motion sickness relief for adults, is expanding its line just in time for the Holiday and Winter travel season to include Dramamine® for Kids.

Dramamine® for Kids treats motion sickness symptoms on the spot, relieving nausea, dizziness and vomiting and, when taken prior to travel, prevents motion sickness before it happens. Moms trust Dramamine®, believe it is safe, and feel comfortable giving it to their kids. Dramamine® for Kids comes in a safe, precise children’s dose.

For adults, Dramamine® Less Drowsy prevents motion sickness symptoms for up to 24 hours with less drowsiness and only one tablet.

Motion sickness is a problem for both adults and kids alike. According to an Omnibus Survey in June 2011, 34% of households with children ages 2-12, have a child with motion sickness. This is three times the rate for adult motion sickness (11% of households). Motion sickness is most prevalent in cars, followed by airplanes and boats. Typical symptoms are nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

“When a family member gets sick on vacation, it’s a problem for the whole family,” says Madeline Blaize, Assistant Brand Manager for Prestige Brands. “Dramamine® for Kids and Dramamine® Less Drowsy can help prevent the problem, allowing everyone to enjoy the holidays without concern about sickness spoiling the travel.”

Dramamine® for Kids comes in a safety travel case with 8 chewable tablets with a great-tasting grape flavor. Dramamine® Less Drowsy is available in an 8 count travel vial. Dramamine® is available in Chewable, Less Drowsy, Kids and Original formulas and has a Suggested Retail Price of $4.99.

For more information on Dramamine® for Kids, Dramamine® Less Drowsy and other Dramamine® products, visit

Dramamine for kids is a great new product! I know a lot of kids who get car sick and it is great to finally be able to give them some Dramamine!

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