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Nutrisystem Week 3 #NSNation

by Nicole on December 23, 2012

I am so excited to announce that I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger! I am at the end of Week 3 and am happy to report another week of great weight loss!

Weight loss this week:  2.6 lbs.

Total weight loss since start of program: 11.2 lbs

The meal plan is an easy one to follow. For breakfast you have a breakfast item and a protein shake. My favorite shake is the vanilla, for the first time I am actually enjoying a protein shake! Mid-morning you have a protein snack, either dairy like yogurt and cheese or nuts. For lunch you have a lunch item paired with another protein item like dairy or nuts. For mid-afternoon snack you have a carb like fruit or a piece of toast. For dinner you have a dinner item and another carb like some rice or a starchy vegetable. For dessert you get a dessert item – these are my favorite! The red velvet whoopie pie is amazing! You also need to drink 8 glasses of water per day and add 4 servings of veggies during the day.

This week I got great news – my husband is joining my journey with Nutrisystem! He is starting the program today and will be posting weekly updates as well! So ladies make sure your husbands and boyfriends and brothers follow along so they can see that Nutrisystem is great for both genders! He has tasted some of my food and is excited to get on the program and see the scale start going down!

This week I concentrated on getting my water in.  It’s not always easy to drink that much liquid.  When I’m in Court they won’t let me bring my water in and there are some days when I spend the whole day or most of the day in Court – those are the hard days! Otherwise I make sure that I bring water with me wherever I go.  I’m trying not to really drink anything but water which can also be difficult!

This week I found some additional entrees that I like.  I love the breakfast burrito for breakfast, the cheesy homestyle potatoes for lunch and the meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner! I didn’t think I would like the meatloaf but I really do! Those meals I mentioned are my absolute favorites but there are others that I really like as well! Next week I will post some pictures of the food so you can see how appetizing it is!

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is sending me 4 months of products in return to share my experience. All opinions are 100% mine and are not altered in any way.

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1 Rich Hicks December 23, 2012 at 5:08 pm

So proud of you losing the weight in a steady manner. Before you know it you will have hit your ultimate goal!

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