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Nutrisystem Week #4 Nicole Week #1 Jamie, #NSNation

by Nicole on December 30, 2012


Nicole’s post:

I am so excited to announce that I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger! I am at the end of Week 4 and am happy to report another week of great weight loss! This was my husband’s first week and he did great! Make sure to read his post below.

Weight loss this week: 1.8 lbs.

Total weight loss since start of program: 13.1 lbs

I am loving this program! See I am a Type A person and having a set program with rules is perfect for me! This week I am still figuring everything else and realized that I really like the convenience of the lunch bars.  For the days I am in court or the weekends when I am running errands around lunchtime they are perfect! I don’t need to duck into a gas station to try to use the microwave, instead you just eat the bar and you’re good! They taste really delicious!

This week we ate out on Friday night to do a review for the blog.  Every week I have had one meal out and every week I tell myself it’s just one meal it won’t matter and every week I see my weight loss stop or even creep up a pound after the meal out.  Ugh.  So I think the moral of the story is I need to not eat out and just stay on the program 100% each week. And a meal out on Friday for a recorded weekly weigh in on Sunday is probably a really bad idea, lol.

How good do these desserts look? My favorites, the chocolate cheesecake and the red velvet whoopie pie are pictured here – yum! This week we got notification that there are a bunch of new meals available that sound awesome, I can’t wait to try them with my next order.  The loaded baked potato and kung pao noodles sound the best to me! I love that there is such a large variety of foods to choose from!


Jamie’s post:

First Week weight loss: 13.8 lbs.

Hello everyone, I am Jamie – Nicole’s Nickels husband. I have been mentioned in many posts on this blog but I have never written one. I have decided to share my Nutrisystem weight loss journey with you. I am 36 years old and I have struggled with my weight my entire life since I was in middle school. I have been on every diet plan around, as well as self-imposed calorie counting. I have had varying degrees of success throughout my life losing weight. I feel the convenience of the Nutrisystem is going to be one of the keys to my success.

A little background on me, I am a Chef with 20 years of cooking experience and a degree from The Culinary Institute of America. With this said, I obviously know how to cook, and what to eat to be healthy but like many people know, it’s easier said than done. I have found the program super simple to follow. The addition of smart carbs, power fuel and vegetables make me feel I am eating plenty of food. I have enjoyed the quickness of the melts for lunch, surprised by the flavors and even spiciness of some of the items. I have added fresh vegetables to the really tasty deep dish pizzas for dinner. I have added deli meats or cheeses to my salads with meals. When I know I am going to struggle to eat the 4 servings of vegetables a day, I turn to the low-sodium V8 juice. I use the 32 ounce Nurtisystem water bottle they sent with my order to drink plenty of water at work.

I am not ready to share my starting weight at this time but I can tell you that I am a big guy. I would like to share my week one progress of losing 13.8 lbs. I am very happy with this start and I look forward to sharing my Nutrisystem journey with you. These blog posts with update my progress as well as my thoughts on the food, and also different foods I eat in addition to the prepared Nutrisystem meals, snacks, and desserts.

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is sending us 4 months of products in return to share our experience. All opinions are 100% ours and are not altered in any way.

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1 Annette January 1, 2013 at 11:09 am

Congratulations to you, both. I love Nutrisystem and plan on starting again this month. It truly is the easiest diet in the world and takes the guesswork out of “what should I eat?” In the past I’ve found the forum to be helpful for times when I knew I’d be eating out/off plan. If you haven’t already checked it out, then you should. If you can provide a menu link to where you’ll be eating, some might make suggestions – it really does help to plan ahead for those cheats.

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