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Walmart Survey: Kids Tell Parents What They Really Want!

by Nicole on December 24, 2012

A few days ago I asked for some help in answering two quick poll questions on Facebook! Not too many of you heeded the call so if you’d like to cast your vote now that would be great! I thought the questions were interesting and that the survey they were a part of was even more interesting!

Kids are willing to do almost anything to get the toys they want for Christmas according to Walmart’s Talking Holiday Toys Survey, which found that 68 percent of kids said they would clean their rooms daily for a year, while 84 percent would work hard and give up playtime. But every child has limits; only 23 percent of kids would eat spinach for a year to get their holiday toys. The Walmart–commissioned survey also found that mom and dad favor educational toys and are focused on price.

“The survey reflects what we are seeing in our stores. Parents are intent on fulfilling their kids’ holiday toy wish lists and at the same time, are looking for the most affordable options,” said Laura Phillips, senior vice president of toys, seasonal and celebrations, Walmart U.S. “As the largest seller of toys in the U.S. we have a unique ability to leverage our size and scale in a way that meets those needs and helps parents deliver a Christmas to remember.”

Walmart’s Talking Holiday Toys Survey, which polled 1,009 children between the ages of 3 – 11 and their parents, also discovered:

78% of parents will buy the same number of gifts for their child regardless of their behavior during the year.  The majority of kids polled think, however, that their behavior has some effect on the gifts they will get.

Parents’ top gift are toys  that teach while kids want dolls and action figures.

Twice as many kids than parents say they found their gifts before the holiday.  The top hiding place is the closet!

Both parents and kids say that the way to get the gifts kids want is to ask for them over and over again.

Price is the most important factor for parents when figuring out where to buy their kids’ gifts.

Walmart is committed to offering low prices and currently has hundreds of toy rollbacks in store and online. also features an expanded assortment of the hottest toys plus free shipping options that help customers save even more. Thousands of toys are eligible for free shipping to home on qualifying toy purchases of $45 or more, or free shipping to any Walmart store across the US.

This survey was so interesting to me! Imagine that most parents don’t know that their kids have found their hiding place for gifts! My mom hid gifts in the trunks of the cars! It was tough to get to them without my parents finding out! I also thought it was neat that  kids think their behavior effects the gifts they get!

This post has been sponsored by Walmart.  All opinions are my own.

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