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Guest Post: Recommendations to Sell Diamonds

by Nicole on January 24, 2013

Over the last couple of years many jewelry stores have been putting up signs that say “we buy gold and diamonds” instead of just “we buy gold”. For example, if you want to sell diamond rings in NY, you might have observed that dozens of jewelry stores are now interested in buying diamonds just as much as gold. Thanks to an increasing interest in diamonds among the middle class in certain countries, prices dramatically increased in 2011.

Because of this, an increasing number of expert jewelers are now restocking with diamonds purchased from the public, since it is more convenient for them than buying from wholesalers.  Resale prices for diamonds have no specific means of measurement, which can cause lots of confusion and leave thousands of sellers unhappy. If you are interested in selling your diamonds, try to get an accurate idea of your diamond’s true worth and authenticity. It is always best to go with a certified appraiser, preferably one that is not involved with the jewelry industry, since they can usually give you an unbiased opinion of the diamond’s worth and condition.

If you are interested in selling your diamonds, it could be wiser to sell them online instead of placing your trust in a suspicious jeweler. There are some great options to check out such as sell diamonds at  If you’re currently low on money and your diamond is likely worth less than $1,000, there are professionals that can evaluate your stone for very low prices or even for free!

It is always wise to visit a couple of shops in order to get different points of view.

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