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Ink Cards!

by Pennie on January 28, 2013

Everything nowadays is digital – texts, video chats, social media – and has become intangible and impersonal. This Valentine’s Day forget texts let’s get physical.

Ink is an App that enables people to customize and mail unique cards from your iPhone, Android or tablet without a trip to the cluttered greeting card aisle–or to the Post Office. You can add your own photos, special notes, and other personal touches with just a few clicks, and then a few days later a totally custom card arrives in the recipient’s mailbox!

Ink has over 30 Valentine’s Day designs ranging from traditional and elegant “Love Cards” to couple centric “Be Mine Cards” to “Lets Share A Cup of Bitterness” anti-Valentine’s day cards. Ink has the perfect card for any stage of a romantic relationship.

Among these unique designs is their new stand up interactive cards. Consumers can use these designs to turn their photo cards into stand up frames that will look great on any desk or table, perfect for budding relationships, long distance romances, and 20th anniversaries.

As an add-on, we have a unique promo code for all you to receive 10 Free Ink Cards for your Valentine(s)!  The code is:

Ink is a totally free app to download and each card is just $1.99 (after the 10 Free Ink Cards, of course). That includes everything: customization, postage, etc.

For more information, visit

I tested this app out and it is pretty easy to use (I have an Android phone).  Just snap a picture (or use one that is already on your phone), pick a graphic, say something nice and bada-bing you are ready to send a card!  The card that is received is a beautiful 8×6 high quality photo, that can be framed for long term display.  My friend that received the card had wonderful things to say about it!

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