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Really Tired – And I’m just the Grandma!

by Pennie on January 17, 2013

You don’t think that having one little baby in the house could cause so much disruption in everyones’ schedules and yet she does!  My granddaughter came home just 10 days after being born 6 weeks premature.  And really all she does is sleep & eat.  I’ve yet to hear her cry though my daughter insists she has quite a set of lungs on her.

Obviously we weren’t prepared for her to be here so early.  We kept saying we were going to get her room finished and pick up everything she would need before the holidays.  That never happened.  So between visits to the hospital to see them both my son-in-law did a lot of running around like a chicken with his head chopped off.  My grandson knew Mommy wasn’t home and we explained why but he never really any of it until he visited my daughter in the hospital.  Even then, the whole baby thing was just some weird concept because he never got to see her (flu scare + preemie ward = no under-18 visitors).

When the baby did come home, my little man was just not having any of it.  For at least 36 hours he wouldn’t even be in the same room with her.  So one of us had to distract him, another had to take care of the baby and another had to keep the house going.  By this time we are all pretty frazzled just from the sequence of events, much less this display of sibling hostility!

My daughter is breastfeeding so she never gets any sleep.  And there are a few problems with the breastfeeding.  It turns out that preemies haven’t necessarily learned/or haven’t got the muscle tone  (I’m not really sure) to latch on like full term babies.  So there is also pumping and bottle feeding going on. It’s this huge process.  And in the mean time, my son-in-law has had to go back to work because he had just taken time off for the holidays.  He’s not getting any sleep, because a) my daughter is up and down all night, b) the baby is in the room with them in a co-sleeper and c) my grandson is waking up in the middle of the night screaming for no apparent reason.

On Saturday my grandson got sick, vomiting, which he has never done in his 4 years of life so that just freaked him out even more.  We figured he had a stomach virus or maybe was just so stressed out over the baby that he couldn’t take it, but on Saturday and Sunday he just lay on the couch, not eating, barely drinking but needing to have someone with him 24/7.  I mean right beside him on the couch, and it really can’t be my daughter.

Monday morning he’s seems fine and off to school he goes.  But that evening he is listless again and whiney.  So he doesn’t go to school on Tuesday but goes instead to the pediatrician who diagnoses him with a raging ear infection!  We never would have guessed from the symptoms.  But he gets antibiotics and stays home another day.

Which is Wednesday morning, the day I wake up to the sound of “Granma, Granma, where are you, you need to wake up!”.  He spends the day with me, this time on my couch.  Alternately playing with an iPad, an iPod, an Android phone and an Android tablet while he watches TV and has me fetch things for him!  That doesn’t sound so bad, but what you don’t know is that I’m not a morning person.  And I had stayed up VERY late the night before.  Midday I try to get him to nap with me.  He lay down and all was well, just until I was about to fall asleep.  That’s when he shouts “GRANMA!” and whacks me in the face to wake up!  That happened many times until I gave up and we went back to the couch.

So when I go upstairs in the evening these days, my daughter and her husband are mostly asleep on the couch, my grandson is mostly watching TV, and the baby, well she is laying there peacefully.  She’s as quiet as a little mouse, sleeping the evening away until she is hungry.  Not realizing the impact she has had on all our lives.

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1 Sue Hull January 18, 2013 at 9:16 pm

Wow! Sounds like grandma’s been through the wringer. In the end you still have this new precious baby so that makes all the tiredness worth it. Congrats to you again! I enjoy all your posts.
Have A Great Weekend! :)

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