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Ben and Jerry’s (Need I Say More?) Giveaway

by Nicole on February 13, 2013

The picture is NY Super Fudge Chunk – the first flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I ever had.  I remember going to the Wawa in college, grabbing a pint of this, and settling in on the couch in the sorority house to watch some movies or hang out with my sorority sisters.

From a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, to far-off places with names we sometimes mispronounce, what began over 30 years ago with 2 guys creating otherworldly ice cream flavors has turned into a tastebud-boggling odyssey of Ben & Jerry’s desserts served around the world. As for the 2 guys who started it all, their story starts way before that:

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield grew up in Merrick, Long Island. They first met in junior high school, where they struck up a lasting friendship.  Jerry finished college but couldn’t get into any med schools; Ben got into several colleges but dropped out of every one of them. They realized they weren’t getting anywhere doing what they were doing. But they knew they had to do something, so they decided to start their own food business.

Soon there were long lines stretching out the door of the old gas station, as more and more folks clamored for a taste of Ben & Jerry’s flavor creations.  Their ice cream was such a hit, it wasn’t long before they began selling it to local restaurants, then grocery stores and supermarkets throughout Vermont and beyond. Way beyond.

Ben and Jerry’s has long been my favorite ice cream.  I love their new flavors – it’s fun to see what they come up with! They recently introduced Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt and I got the chance to try the peanut butter banana which was super creamy and delicious.  Sometimes Greek frozen yogurt can be bitter but this wasn’t at all! I also grabbed a pint of old faithful – NY Super Fudge Chunk which is chocolate ice cream with white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge covered almonds.  It is rich and chocolatey but also crunchy and nutty – yum! The third one we tried was half baked (chocolate and vanilla ice creams with fudge brownies and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough).  This one was also delicious and it seems Ben and Jerry’s does ice cream perfectly!

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