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Bring Your Pets Everywhere with Zelda’s Song and Giveaway

by Nicole on February 1, 2013

You all know how important Chester and Cleo are to me and when I found Zelda’s Song and read the story (see below) I was really touched! I love to look at pictures of C and C when I’m away from them and couldn’t wait to get my custom keychain!

“Fetch Joy. Keep the Memory!” is the inspiration behind Zelda’s Song.

The moments we share with our beloved canine companions seem so fleeting and much too short. Mostly because the quality and intensity of the pure love, devotion and trust expressed in those moments is so unequivocal and not replicated easily. That sharpens the loss even more – but at the same time demands that we honor the eternal nature of the bond developed over a lifetime of shared memories.

Zelda’s Song is about more than preserving the moments that create and nurture this bond. It’s important to join with other dog moms, dads and organizations in efforts to improve the health and welfare of our canine companions to make our time together as good as it can get.

Zelda, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, left me too early due to a breed-related cancer. That’s why Zelda’s Song will contribute a percent of profits to organizations and foundations dedicated to eradicating cancer in Bernese Mountain Dogs…as well as the general canine population.

Check out our “Fetch the Cure” section to learn about organizations and events that work to improve the health and welfare of dogs. Perhaps you’d like to help make a difference with your own financial or hands-on contribution.

Zelda’s Song products are designed for dog-durability – while not indestructible, they are meant to participate in all the shared adventures with a dog companion.

The keychain is awesome! It has a great picture of C and C and also is super durable.  I immediately attached it to my keys and love that I can take a quick peek at my babies when I’m away from them! I have also received many compliments on it!

Enter the Giveaway!

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I received the same prize as the winner.  All opinions remain my own.

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