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03/19 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: Mason Jars

by Pennie on March 19, 2013

I like things that can be used in multiple ways, so when I was looking around on Pinterest this week, I had that in mind.  This week I’m going to show you a few ways in which clever people have used an old stand by: Mason Jars.

This first pin comes to us from twins Kelli & Kristi at Lolly Jane.  Here they are using mason jars for bathroom storage.  I can imagine using the exact same solution in many areas around the house.  It’s wicked easy to install and a breeze to take out and wash!

Now if you just want to decorate on the cheap, mason jars can do the trick.  Here are blue glazed jars from Don’t Dare Blink:

And painted jars from Lisa at Fresh Eggs Daily:

If you want to shed some light on things, you can always try some well lit mason jars like this Chandelier from Kara Pasley Designs:

Or these Glow Mason Jars from Shari at Turn Style Vogue:

Last but not least is one that I pinned a while ago and have been meaning to do for myself.  It would be really easy and allow me to bring an herb garden indoors without taking up valuable counter space. From Stacy at Not Just a Housewife is the Mason Jar Wall Planter:

Do you have any Mason Jar ideas that you want to pass along?  If so, please post in the comments so everyone can see!

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1 Darlene Ysaguirre March 19, 2013 at 7:57 pm

I love the planter idea what a great way to use these in so many different ways!

2 Kellie March 23, 2013 at 12:09 am

If you go to the Ball website, they are bringing back the blue mason jars for a limited time. I think it is just the one size.

There is also a new pin on Pinterest that I spied today where they them as a centerpiece on the table for Easter decor. The filled them with colored rice and votive candles. They looked cute. Such an inexpensive way to decorate, not to mention re-usable.

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