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DST and Balance Bars

by Pennie on March 9, 2013

On Sunday, most people will set their clocks forward in an annual ritual that signals the start of spring with extended daylight hours. While we’ll all be thrilled for the extra Vitamin D, Daylight Savings can also mean that overachievers, Type A personalities and anyone with sunglasses will be doing more with their days. Using this clock reset as an opportunity to also reset our way of thinking, Balance Bar has paired with Laurel House, The Quickie Chick, to offer some actionable and easy ways to “do it all” this spring while still maintaining life balance.

Here are some ideas from Laurel to help get balance back in your life:

  • Fuel up
    • Balance Bars are great for this!
  • Give yourself an hour to be selfish – decompress
  • Be selfless – do something for someone else – volunteer
  • Do something for your relationship
  • Do something for your friendships

What are you going to do with your extra hour of daylight?


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