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Loving My Experience at Body Details

by Nicole on March 25, 2013

So I have now been to Body Details 3 times for laser hair removal from my underarms and the process is definitely working! I am happy to report so much less hair growth and what does grow is super thin and sparse! I have barely been having to shave at all and just went back for my third session!

Body Details was founded in 2005 in Coral Gables, Florida and created to advance cosmetic medicine in the areas of Laser Hair Removal & Laser Tattoo Removal. Since then Body Details has consistently focused its efforts and its resources on one mission and one purpose only: offering the most effective treatment for the safe and permanent removal of unwanted hair & tattoos. Now, years later, that approach has placed Body Details at the forefront of patient care in our industry in areas such as effectiveness, safety, research, & consumer education. With locations throughout South Florida, Body Details has evolved from one location to the largest provider of laser hair & tattoo removal in South Florida with plans to offer our services on a national level in the coming years. If you are considering laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal we invite you to learn more about us here on our website or in person during a free consultation at any of our facilities. You will find renowned medical expertise utilizing the most sophisticated technology available for the two procedures we specialize in.

I had set my third appointment on a Friday evening which was perfect for me.  Body Details has great hours so you’ll be sure to have a convenient time to go. The facility is so clean and warm and inviting. The people working there are always so nice and pleasant and I received a reminder call before this appointment. I

I had the same technician this time that did my previous treatments. She went over my treatment last time and I showed her how well it had worked. The hair under my arms is thinner and less noticeable and there is a lot less of it!She told me we would be doing the same thing today and at each appointment there would be less hair except that sometimes around the third or fourth treatment there may be more hair but that’s just because the hair is being stopped at the roots and less is growing now.

I love how clean the facility is and how comfortable they make you.  I just lay on the chaise, put the protective eyewear on and watch a few minutes of TV! My sessions only last about 5 minutes so I don’t even get to relax! It’s over before I can even process what is happening! I imagine if you got your legs done or had more than one area treated you would be there for longer and the TV would really come in handy!

I’m happy to report I again didn’t have any issues after and am enjoying my underarms with less hair! The technician put aloe on my underarms and I was told to not put on deodorant for a day or two.  I have no marks, burning or pain at all.  There will be several more treatments needed to get the area completely hair free but Body Details offers a true lifetime guarantee on their service so you don’t pay per treatment! You just pay once and your service is guaranteed. I love this part!

I’ll report back to you after my next treatment about my progress towards hair-free underarms!

I received laser hair removal to facilitate this series of posts. All opinions are my own.

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