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Mibblio is the First Interactive Musical/Storybook App of its Kind!

by Pennie on March 13, 2013

My grandson and I spend a lot of time together; as my daughter says, I’m his BFF!  But a lot of what we do is sort of one sided.  Either he will play with something while I watch, or he will ask me how to do something and he will watch, especially when electronics are involved.  And with this 4-year old, electronics are almost always involved.  But that changed when I downloaded Mibblio!

“The NEW musical storybook app for iPad, Mibblio, has just launched their first interactive app! Now kids can read, sing, learn and play music all at the same time!

Inside Mibblio is a world of beautiful mibblets – illustrated story-songs that invite children to read, sing and jam while understanding the layers of developing music. Targeted to children ages 3-8, kids can listen to and build upon a song while simultaneously having fun and improving reading skills.

A mix of classic songs such as “On Top of Spaghetti” and “The Wheels on the Bus” and new, instant classics like “Monkey Jamboree,” are written, illustrated, sung and performed by accomplished artists such as Grammy-nominated mandolinist, Andy Statman and Grammy-winning drummer Marty Beller.

Now parents can watch and listen (and participate!) as children understand the layers of developing music and learn the basics of creating a song, while simultaneously improving reading skills.”

Here is an introduction to the app:

Mibblio: A Musical Book App for Kids from Mibblio on Vimeo.

The app is pretty intuitive, even for a little guy (remember, he is tech familiar – no problem touching things on the screen to see if they do something).  When you first start the Mibblet, all of the instruments on the left hand side of the screen are playing the music, and the song is being sung.  You can subtract any of the instrument by pressing its icon.  Add the instrument back by repressing its icon again.

On the right hand side of the screen there are an assortment of accompanying instruments (changes depending on which Mibblet you are playing).  For “Wheels on the Bus”, there are claps, some sort of funny horn, a cymbal and a guitar that you can strum (my grandson LOVED that).  Across the bottom is a piano keyboard, so you can “play along”.  AND you can make the keyboard sound like any of the instruments that are directly above it by pressing one of those icons!

It was really lots of fun to use, both together and separately (yes, I had some alone time with it as well).  Everyone in my family played a musical instrument and I really think music is a great outlet, uplifter and teacher all rolled into one.  I could see my grandson was enjoying the app, and later he played with his piano which he hadn’t in a while!  That is a great connection in my mind!

I received this App to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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