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My Fun Experience With The Kia Rio SX 5 Door

by Nicole on March 9, 2013

I love to drive, I am not a good passenger. When Jamie and I are in the car you can be sure I am the one driving. I drive throughout 4 counties for work and so my 2010 car has over 65,000 miles on it already! We’re not in the market right this minute for a new car but we do talk about it occasionally. I was excited to test drive this Kia last week as I didn’t know much about Kia but had heard good things!

This Kia Rio SX 5 Door is deceiving! It is a small car BUT there is room in the backseat for adults to sit comfortably and a lot of room in the trunk to carry around anything you need to bring with you! I am used to a V6 SUV so driving this was a big change for me! I really enjoyed driving something smaller and lower to the ground but I’m not giving up my SUV yet! I thought the Rio had a lot of power in the first gear though on the highway it took longer than I am used to with my V6 to get up to 70 miles per hour.  That being said, it’s not a slow car by any means!

We were finally able to fit 2 cars in the garage with the Rio! It is ultra compact looking from the outside but surprisingly deceptive in its looks.  When you are sitting in the drivers seat the car feels almost like a sedan.  There was a ton of leg room and my (ahem) larger husband had no problems fitting in the car.   I might not have chosen the electric blue but it was definitely sporty and fun and I could see a teenager or younger person or even a senior citizen choosing a vibrant color like this one!



This car had some great bells and whistles that rival luxury cars.  The 5 door loaded Kia Rio has a sticker of about $21,000 and that is with EVERYTHING.  This car has a backup camera which is my favorite feature on cars today.  It is so great for safety purposes and I find myself relying on it when driving.  My husband’s new car does not have this feature and I don’t like driving his car.  The touch screen computer system was really easy to use and I didn’t need the manual for anything.  I was able to pair my phone to the Bluetooth very quickly and thought the sound quality of the Bluetooth and the sound system was excellent.


The dashboard is really nice and I like how you can easily find the time, temperature and compass.  The ignition is keyless, you just need to have the key in your purse and can unlock and lock the doors and start and turn off the car by pressing a button.  I love not having to fumble with my keys or try to find them in my purse.  These features are not available in other vehicles in this class (and even in higher classes) but they are great safety and convenience features that make the Rio a top contender.

The sound system was really good and I was able to play my husband’s iPhone by using the cable.  I could also stream Pandora through the radio and have satellite radio if I wanted.  The display was all digital and really intuitive.  I liked that my passenger could use the Navigation system while I was driving.  My current vehicle doesn’t allow any operation of the navigation system while the car is moving and there have been times I had to pull off the road for my passenger (or myself) to get directions or locate a restaurant or a gas station.

The steering wheel has a lot of controls on it which let you operate the Bluetooth and the phone without moving your hands off the steering wheel.  The design of the car is so well thought out and Kia has tried to give every possible convenience to the driver of the Rio which I value completely.

For an amazingly low price Kia has managed to give you a well made car with awesome luxury amenities.  It is on the small side but perfect for a single person, a couple or a young person.  The car is quick but not lightning fast and the added safety features like keyless entry and Bluetooth make this affordable car a great choice if you’re in the market for a new car.

Make sure to check out the Kia site to build your own Kia and get important information!

I received a Kia Rio to drive for a week. All opinions are my own.

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1 Christy Anderson March 10, 2013 at 4:04 pm

What a fin review! I want a new car to drive for a week! Looks like a nice care.

2 Lisa Schweizer March 11, 2013 at 7:57 pm

Sweet!! Great review, can I share your job with you? LOL!!!

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