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Train Your Dog With 3 Dog Days

by Nicole on March 11, 2013

Chester and Cleo may be 8 years old but they both have their share of issues where additional training would be helpful! When they were puppies I did obedience classes but it was so hard with two of them and one of me at the time! I ended up getting an in home trainer for them and they know how to sit, stay, lay down, leave it, etc.  They are housetrained (except for Chester’s current medical issue) and are crated during the days so I consider them pretty well trained! I was excited to get this DVD though, since there are some issues like walking on a leash and listening to my other commands that they could both use help with.

“3 Dog Days” is a revolutionary dog training system developed by dog behaviorist, Angie Winters. This innovative adoption and rehabilitation program shows you exactly how to bring a new dog into your life, or rehabilitate a dog that is already a member of your family. Imagine….just by following Angie’s dog psychology techniques, over a 3 day period, your dog will feel secure and clearly understand how you want him to behave. It automatically sets you up as the leader in a respectful way. “3 Dog Days” clearly shows your dog not to chase the kids or charge the front door. It’s extremely effective for potty training, separation anxiety and crate training. This is the information you’ve been looking for! So, visit or for your own copy of “3 Dog Days!”

Here is the trailer for the DVD:

“3 DOG DAYS” PROMO with Angie Winters from Angie4dogs Blog on Vimeo.

Sometimes I am not the leader of the pack, Chester is.  This DVD was really good in helping me understand how important it is for me to be the leader! It gave me some great tips on how to establish myself as the leader.  Using the 3 main principles of silent support, companionship and control and crate work I was able to learn more how my dog thinks and what I can do to help him behave better! I have employed some of the techniques already and am happy to report Chester has been walking better on the leash and there has been less barking in the house! This program isn’t intended for dogs under 4 months old.  It was a great refresher and enforcer for my older dogs!

I received this DVD to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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