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A.C. Moore Mother’s Day Craft and Giveaway

by Nicole on April 28, 2013

I always like to do a craft with Noah for him to give to his mom for Mother’s Day. I think it is so personal to get something homemade especially from your child! This year I was happy to head over to A.C. Moore with one of their fun crafts already in mind! It was easy to find the supplies and the associates at their Pompano Beach, Florida location were especially nice! I was able to gather the materials in just a few minutes and then spent a while in the store – I just love the huge selection of fun craft items!

I “Heart” Mom Gallery Glass from Robin Beam, A.C. Moore

Show how much you love mom with this Stained Glass effect Glass Block created with Plaid® Gallery Glass…use the block as a home décor piece with lights or as a vase!

Crafting Time: 1 hour (plus drying time)
Crafting Level: Beginner

Glass Block, 8” x 8”, 104540362
Gallery Glass®, Plaid:
o Leading Blanks, 8” x 10”, PLD16051
o Liquid Leading™, Black, PLD16025
o Window Color™:
 Glitter Hologram, PLD16442W
 Ruby Red, PLD16015
 Hot Pink, PLD16423
Rice Lights, Nicole™ Crafts, NIC 1083 (battery
operated) or 20 Mini Light Strand, Nicole™
Crafts, NIC 1040 (plug in)
Template, provided

Note that this project will be utilizing what Plaid calls the “Modular Technique”, where a design element is leaded on a Leading Blank and filled in with Window Color. When dry the design is peeled from the Leading Blank and applied to the project surface,
1. Print out template provided on 8-1/2” x 11” paper.
2. Place template underneath Leading Blank.
3. Remove paper protective paper on each of the bottles. Starting with Liquid Leading, turn over and give a good downward (to push out any excess air bubbles). Practice the flow of the leading on some scrap paper.
4. Outline the design of the pattern that is beneath the Leading Blank. (Tip: I find that if I hold the bottle with 2 hands above the project I have a steadier hand and am able to get a more even line of leading; it also avoids air bubbles!).
5. Put the leading blank in a safe place away from nosy fingers (is this dry!?), approximately 8 hours (do the leading before you go to sleep…it’ll be ready to go the next morning!).
6. Once it is dry, you can “color in”! As per Plaid, fill in the design with chosen Window Color. Use the Hot Pink for the small heart, Hologram for letters and Ruby Red for large heart; note that the samples recommended for the small heart is what the lighter color Pink you see in the second sample).
7. Note: Be sure to apply color to the depth of the leading and that the color fills in the corners of the design. If the Window Color is applied to thinly, lighter patches of color will appear as it dries and the element will tear when peeled from the Leading Blank.
8. When the entire image is dry, carefully pull it off of the Leading Blank…you can now place it on the Glass Block (or window…since it is the word “MOM”, it looks good from either side of the glass!)
9. Add lights or use as a vase!
10. We’ve shown another option with other colors, creating a marbled effect. Two colors were used to fill in letters. Take a toothpick and pull the colors from light to dark, dark to light, cleaning the tip between passes so the colors don’t get muddied. There’s also Silver Leading to create a brighter stained glass leading effect.

We did this in just a few simple steps! It took about 10 minutes to do the outline because he was working very slow to stay in the lines.  Then we let it dry overnight.  Then he was very careful coloring it in so that took probably 20 minutes.  Then that dried over another night.  Then in the morning I helped him carefully peel it away and we stuck it on the glass which only took about 5 minutes.  This was a quick craft with a great finished product!

You can find the complete instructions and template to print out here.  Through Sunday, May 3, you can save 40% off any regularly priced item! Make sure to print that coupon here as well.

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